Wednesday 27 September 2017

A Few Things I Dislike About Blogging

So, first of all blogging is an amazing thing. I'm so glad I decided to start a blog almost 3 and a half years ago now and I'm so proud of how it's grown and how I've improved over that time. That being said though, for a while now there has been a few things that have been getting me down regarding blogging and I really wanted to do a post on them just to see if anyone else felt the same and also just to have a bit of a rant!

It's so competitive

 I find the majority of bloggers are amazing and super supportive, and most of the time it's all about #girlpower but sometimes I find it really competitive and it's hard not to feel like my blog will never compare to some. As I said I'm so proud of my blog, this year especially I've hit a few milestones with it and my social media, I got a new header, and last year I also bought a new theme and properly did my blog up. I feel like I really went to another level with blogging, but some days I do feel really feel like my blog is generally just crap because I know there are other bloggers who I will never compare to and never reach their level. I know it shouldn't get to me and as much as I'm all for girls supporting other girls, sometimes it does just feel like such a competitive community and only certain people seem to get any recognition and it can be frustrating sometimes.

People ignoring your tweets 

This might seem like a bit of a silly one but it genuinely really bothers me sometimes when I respond to someones tweet, and they completely ignore my tweet but reply to other people, WHY? I get if you get loads and loads of responses to a tweet then maybe you don't have time responding to everyone but surely you can at least like my response? I've noticed with some bloggers they can be quite ruthless and only seem to tweet back those that have either around the same amount of followers as them or more, and I just think it's quite obvious some think they are too good for small bloggers like me. 

The follow/unfollow game 

This is seriously starting to get to me. If you're not a blogger or very active on social media you might not really know what I'm on about or notice it but Instagram has been an absolute bitch recently for people following you to then unfollow the next day once you've followed back, and some do it repeatedly! I've had to block a few people over the last few weeks because the same ones were following me over and over and now I've got an app to track them I can see who's just clearly playing games. Instagram is a struggle at the moment anyway with the whole algorithm and peoples pictures not showing up but then when you add in people doing the follow/unfollow thing, it makes me just want to give up on it all together.

People who don't return comments in threads

 I love taking part in comment threads. I think they are such a nice way to discover new blogs, read some fab posts and also gain some comments on your own recent posts, but more and more I'm noticing a lot of people not returning comments, or joining a thread, leaving a link to their post and not even doing the minimum thats required for the thread. Whenever I take part in a thread and I leave a link to a blog post, I always say I'll return any comments and I always do. I then go and comment on other posts in the thread and I usually make it a priority to comment on posts where the person has said they will also return comments. It then usually turns out a lot of those who said they will return comments, just don't. They either ignore my tweet completely, or I'll tell them I've commented and they'll just like it. I'm always wary that maybe people just forget to return the love so I would never say anything, but I also feel like a lot know what they are doing and have no intention of returning comments. It just makes me sad because it makes me feel is my blog not good enough for you? It makes me so wary each time I take part and it's almost like I then have to purposely avoid peoples tweets because I know they won't return comments and I'm fed up of supporting them for them not to support me back.

Google Analytics 

Okay this is something I only really started with properly last year I think, because I just didn't understand it, and to be honest I still don't. I've always tracked my blog stats via blogger but they don't seem very accurate a lot of the time, which is why I decided to set up google analytics. It's meant I could put ads on my blog but for the small amount you get each day, I'm not sure I'll ever get to actually transfer that money to my bank, and also the stats I get on that are so different to blogger, I just have no idea whats right! There is so much more to google analytics too that I've yet to figure out and whenever I try I just give up within minutes, it's just too complicated for me. 

I don't normally like to think negatively of anything to do with blogging because I just love it so much and I'm not sure what I'd be doing if I'd not started my blog but some days it does feel like the cons outweigh the pros!

Does anything about blogging annoy you? Can you relate to any of the things I mentioned?

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