Friday 22 September 2017

Billion Dollar Brows - Universal Brow Pencil Review*

I've had two reviews up for KLM Beauty over the last few weeks and todays is the final one, all about Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil. If you've not seen my other reviews, I have one about Australian Bodycare Skin Wash which you can find here, and also Microcell Nail Repair Kit, which you can find here. I think out of all the products I was sent, this is the one I was most sceptical about, just because I don't really ever use brow products and I wasn't sure if I'd be any good at using it. I've actually really enjoyed using it though and I couldn't wait to write about it!
Billion Dollar Brows are a company that want to help you achieve the best brows, they completely shape your face so a product like the Universal Brow Pencil can make such a big difference. What's interesting about this pencil is that is can be used by anyone, it's known as the brow pencil for all hair colours. This takes away the struggle of finding a brow pencil that's right for you as it's formulated to work with all skin tones and hair colours. I have quite dark brows so I wasn't sure if this would end up being too light for me and it did look a little light when I first removed all the packaging but it was actually perfect for me and took me totally by surprise!
This brush aswell as having the pencil at one end, also has a spoolie brush attached. I love little eyebrow brushes like this as mine can be quite thick and unruly and they do tend to need brushing through before I apply any makeup. Little spoolie brushes like this are just fab for taming any unruly hairs and generally making them look a bit neater! When using this pencil, I brushed through my brows first then I applied using a few hair like strokes to wherever I felt needed filling in a little bit. I then brushed through again with the spoolie to properly blend. I really liked the look this gave and it just made a nice, subtle difference to my brows! I didn't want them to look too drawn on and filled in but this was really natural and actually really easy to use. I like applying makeup to be as stress free as possible and one of the reasons I've never tried a brow product before really is because I just though it would be so time consuming and loads of effort, but this really wasn't.
Something I really like about this pencil is that it's actually got a retractable pencil so it never needs sharpening! It's such a pain when I go to use a product like eyeliner or lipliner and find it needs sharpening, for some reason I can never find one so I have to struggle to apply it! Luckily that won't happen with this as you can just twist the tip of the pencil and more of the product comes out. Also with this, you really don't need a lot so it will last ages! 
This has just been such a good addition to my makeup bag and I'm really glad I've found a brow product that genuinely interests me and works! It costs £17 which is pricey for just one product but it's definitely worth trying. Aswell as having a positive experience myself, I've only heard good things from other people about it too!

If you would like to find out more about the Universal Brow Pencil or any other products Billion Dollar Brows do, check out their website here!

Have you ever tried any products from this brand before? What's your go to eyebrow product?

*Product sent for this review, as always I only work with brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog

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