Saturday 2 September 2017

The Body Shop Rainforest Volume Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I picked up some minis of the Rainforest Volume Shampoo and Conditioner from The Body Shop recently, and these are actually the first ever haircare products I've bought from them. I tend to stick to the same sorts of brands when it comes to hair, just whatever is cheap and whatever I can get at the time but as these were only £1 each on sale, I thought why not give them a go?
My hair is so long at the moment and desperately needs cutting, but I'm trying to hold out for another month or two, because of that it's quite straight and never really looks how I want it too. You know when it gets so long, it just completely lacks any sort of volume? Well that's where my hair is at right now so I was really intrigued to see if these would do anything. They are only minis so I knew I wouldn't get loads of use out of them but I had still high hopes they could make some sort of difference. 

The Rainforest Volume range is supposed to give your hair a boost, add shine and volume, aswell as cleansing. It has a eco-conscious formula made up of community trade organic aloe vera from Mexico, organic sugarcane from Paraguary, pracaxi oil and guarana seed extract. There are no silicones, sulphates, parabens and colourants. These both have a really lightweight formula so they can add volume to your hair but don't weigh it down. 

I have to say I didn't love these as much as I expected too. I knew they wouldn't make a massive amount of difference in just a few washes, but they didn't really do much at all. After a few washes my hair did start to feel a bit more full but looking at it I couldn't see a difference, and as my hair is quite long and flat now, I want to be able to see that it's worked. Even though my hair did feel a little bit more volumised, it didn't necessarily feel great. By that I mean it almost felt a bit straw like and just a little bit hard to brush through. It just didn't feel amazing. Normally I love that feeling of brushing through dried, freshly washed hair and it normally feels so soft but I didn't really get that result with these. In the end I stopped using the conditioner but persisted with the shampoo and I found that worked alone much better than it did when I was using them both. I used a different conditioner with it and it definitely improved how my hair felt. Aswell as not really doing much to my hair, the conditioner was also just a bit of a nightmare to get out of the bottle. I can't be doing with getting stressed in the shower trying to get some out.

So overall, I'm not that impressed with these. I just feel really mixed feelings about them as I definitely didn't hate them but they just didn't work like I expected them too. I hate that because I'm usually the biggest fan of the body shop, and genuinely love so much of their other stuff but these just don't work for me, and I wanted to be completely honest. I'd love to know if you've tried these and felt the same, or if there are other haircare products I should give a go from the body shop? I'm definitely open to trying more of their haircare stuff in future, as maybe these just weren't made for my hair type.

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