Tuesday 19 September 2017

My Evening Routine

I've contemplated doing a post like this for a while but I've just not been sure how to go about it. That was until I read the lovely Hannahs post recently and I thought that I'd just give it a go and write about what happens most evenings. I'm going to do mine a little bit different to Hannahs and others that I've read as I'm going to include making food and things like that, and I'm going to write about what I get up from about 6pm onwards. I find posts like this so interesting so I hope you do too and I'd love to know what your evening routine is like!

Make Tea 

So I don't normally get started on tea til at least 6pm unless it's a roast or a slow cooker meal. I don't know why but now I love having an evening meal around 7.30pm when Coronation Street is on and then getting cosy afterwards. I find if I eat tea any earlier than that, then a few hours later I'll be so hungry again and that's when I reach for the chocolate which definitely isn't good for me. If I can, throughout the day I'll prep everything for the meal and then when it comes to cooking it, it should require very little effort! Even better if it's a slow cooker meal as I can chuck all that in around 2pm and then leave to cook on high for about 5 hours and not have to do much else.

Quick Clean and Tidy

 After eating, I have to get everything clean and tidy. We have an open plan living room and kitchen so if the kitchen is a tip, I can see it from the sofa and it makes it so much harder for me to relax! I like to get any pots done pretty quickly after eating, give the kitchen a quick clean, and then I find I can just enjoy my evening and it also means I don't have to worry about any of that either just before bed or the next morning.

Skincare Routine

 I don't have much of a skincare routine but each night I do like to use a few products so I thought I'd mention them. At the moment I'm using my trusty Garnier micellar water to remove any makeup which I've very nearly ran out of and I'll then cleanse with my Newtons Labs products. A few times a week I also try to use my SensseGo Mini Facial Brush. I reviewed this recently and find it so enjoyable to use so every few days I'll add this to my routine. As I'm in most days now I tend to have a shower in the day but particularly in winter I love a bath or shower after tea, getting into some fresh pyjamas and then getting cosy on the sofa. This would when I'd do my skincare routine too.

Catch up on TV

 No evening of mine would be complete without catching up on some TV. I try to watch the soaps each night, Coronation Street is a must and obviously Eastenders and then afterwards me and George will settle down with a show of ours. At the moment we're watching a few different things - Once Upon A Time, Doctor Foster and Tin Star. I do love reality TV aswell though so a few nights a week I have to put TOWIE on. I'm still a little bit sad Big Brother is over as I was obsessed with that this summer!


Usually one night during the week or a Saturday night I'll do a facemask. I've become a little addicted to them recently and just love the experience of applying them, letting them dry and then having to either peel or wash it off. I find it so much fun so try to do one each week. At the moment I still have a few Superdrug ones to get through but after that I definitely want to get some of the Garnier Moisture Bomb ones though I have heard mixed things about them! Let me know if you recommend any other brands to try. Some nights I'll also then paint my nails and have a proper little pamper.

Blogging & Scheduling Tweets 

Each night before bed, or when we're watching something, I'll check I've scheduled tweets for the next day, and if not I'll make sure to get some sorted. I'll also go through all my social media and catch up on any blog commenting or instagram pods. Some nights I also like to get some blogging done if I'm feeling motivated. 

I try to go to bed around 11pm most nights but if we're properly stuck on a tv show then it can end up being later than that. Most nights vary to be honest, and because of my insomnia I can then end up spending hours catching up on youtube or doing some late night blogging. These are the sort of things I get up to each night though from about 6ish so I thought it might be interesting to share!

I'd love to know what your evening routine is, and what sort of stuff you get up to. Do you have a proper skincare routine? Have you got any TV shows you recommend?

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