Thursday 28 September 2017

Frizz Free Hair This Autumn With John Frieda*

I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting hair products so I jumped at the chance to try out and review the Frizz Ease range from John Frieda. Autumn is my favourite for lots of reasons but there is no denying the cold weather it brings has an negative affect on my hair - tangles and frizz from the rain, static from jumpers and heat from hairdryers. As we're now officially into Autumn and the cold weather is starting again, these products arrived at the perfect time!
I was sent the Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum from the Frizz Ease range which are all designed to help with our hair in the cold months. I've got very long, thick hair and these products are all supposed to tame that but are suitable for just about anyone and their hair types. I've been using this range for a good few weeks now and I couldn't wait to get my thoughts all written up!

I'll start with the Shampoo and Conditioner first as these were the ones I was most excited to use. The shampoo and conditioner both contain a blend of pure coconut oil and conditioning agents, which work hard to strengthen hairs immunity to frizz aswell as improving hairs texture and manageability for smoother hair. I've definitely noticed my hair has felt a LOT smoother since using these. Sometimes when my hair has dried it can still feel quite frizzy and a bit all over the place, whereas with this it has felt generally much smoother, nicer to brush through, and easier to style. I still have quite a lot of the shampoo left to use, as I found I didn't need loads for it to properly coat all my hair, but the conditioner I got through much faster! I always do no matter what brand I use. I worked the conditioner into the lengths of my hair and washing this out was a dream. Almost straight away I could feel how much better my hair felt and after brushing through, it was so smooth and free of tangles. What's good about this conditioner is that it leaves your hair tangle and frizz free for 72 hours which is brilliant for those of us who don't have time to be washing and styling our hair everyday!
The Extra Strength Six Effects Serum is another product I've been trying out, and it's been really fun to use as I never tend to pick these up in shops! This claims to instantly eliminate frizz and repel humidity for glossy, smooth hair. I've been applying a bit of this to wet hair, taking care to really coat the lengths of it and then leaving to dry. A little bit of this goes a long way so you really don't need much and I've not found it's made my hair greasy in any way which is something I worry about with products like this. I've not had that heavy, weighed down feeling and my hair has just felt so fresh and clean. I've found this combined with the shampoo and conditioner has really done wonders for my hair and I'm so impressed.
What I love about these products is that, I've hardly had to use anything else with them, they've left my hair feeling so good, and looking smoother than ever, that I've not even been tempted to reach for the straighteners. I don't use them anywhere near as much as I used to anyway but my hair has looked fine with them, just a brush through each morning and I've been ready to go. These have genuinely left my hair frizz free over the last few weeks and it's meant I've hardly had to spend any time on it each day which is a massive bonus as I find styling my hair to be such a drain sometimes. I think I've used my hairdryer once after washing with these, just because I was in a rush (I usually like to leave it to dry by itself) and even then my hair was much easier to brush through, normally it's a complete nightmare! Also these products smell lovely, they make me feel like I've just left the hairdressers!
Overall, I just love this range. I'm so glad I've got some of the shampoo and the serum left to use, I'll definitely be carrying on with them and I know I'll be purchasing more from John Frieda in the future. With this range I really don't have to worry about frizzy hair in the Autumn and Winter months, I can use these knowing they do make a real difference and will be protecting my hair on the cold, rainy and humid days!

If you want to try this range, it's now available in Superdrug, Boots, Feel Unique and most Supermarkets, and you can find more on the John Frieda website.

Have you tried anything from the Frizz Ease range before?

*Products were sent for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

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