Friday 30 June 2017

A Little Body Shop Haul

Last week I placed a cheeky little order on The Body Shop, which is one of my all time favourite shops so I really wanted to do a haul and show you what I managed to pick up. They had a brilliant sale on and I had been looking for a few days for a few things to come in stock so once they did I got straight on it. 
The main things I wanted to get was a few things from the Peach range. Anyone who reads my blog will probably know I have a huge love for anything peach scented and once I saw a few people post that the whole range was on sale I knew I had to pick up a few bits. I looked for days and there was no sign of the peach range until last Tuesday night so I quickly added a few things to my basket. I'm sure I'll do a full post on this stuff in a few weeks so I'll try and keep it short, but I got the Body Mist which should have been £8 but I got it half price at £4, the shower gel which should have been £5 but I got it for £3.50, and the body butter which should have been £15 but I got it for £7.50. I'm not sure if the peach range is one that's usually stocked, I don't see it all the time but to be honest I'd have bought these full price as I just love anything peach. They all smell amazing. 
The next two things I ordered were the Rainforest Mini Shampoo and Conditioner. These were on sale for £1 each and I'd never tried any hair products before from The Body Shop so I didn't want to miss out on these. As they are only mini these are going to be brilliant for me to just try over a few washes. They are supposed to add volume to your hair aswell as cleansing and adding shine, I can't wait to see if they do make a difference. I'd love to know if you've tried these and what you thought.
The last two things I got were a Mini Grapefruit Shower Gel for £2 and a Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Soap for £2.50. I've blogged about the Grapefruit range before which you can find here if you're interested, but I just love it and as I've now got through my huge stash of shower gels I really wanted to pick up another one of these even if it was just a mini one. The soap is a bit of a random one but I was really intrigued by it being an exfoliating one. I just thought I'd give it a try and I really like the Fuji Green Tea range so I knew it would smell nice anyway. 
I just love The Body Shop and my bathroom is basically always full of their products. It's honestly took me months to get through everything but now I have, this sale came at the perfect time! Even though the majority of these were on sale anyway, I also found a discount code online too meaning everything only cost about £15 which I think is pretty good given just the body butter alone at full price would cost that!

Have you tried any of these products from The Body Shop? Whats your favourite thing they do?

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