Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Barry M Cosmetics Nail Polish You Have To Try

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a few favourite nail polishes that no matter what, they always go back to! This Barry M nail polish in the shade Plum, is one of those for me. I've got a bag full of nail polishes ranging from Essie, to Barry M to Rimmel, and a few other brands and I'm always buying more but I always go back to a select few. I just know what I like and what suits me, and this is one of them.
I'm sure I've mentioned this specific nail polish before but it's so good it deserved its own blog post.

It's one I wear all year round, because even though it is a dark purple and perfect for the winter months, I don't think it's one that you can really go wrong with in the summer either. I do tend to go for lighter colours in the summer, pinks and nudes, I don't know why I just do but this one is a bit of an exception. A perfect one for all year round.

It always looks so good on, just a super sleek colour and actually a bit of a classic for me I think as I've worn it so many times! It looks good with any outfit, not that I tend to put much thought into matching my nails to my outfits but if you are someone who does do that, this is one that goes with just about anything. It applies so well, it never goes streaky like some other nail polishes I have do, and just one coat looks lovely on. I always tend to do 2 coats now with any nail polish, but no matter what I find with this I get really minimal chipping and I don't usually use a top coat either.

I just love everything about it. It's a gorgeous colour, I have no problems applying it and it's got brilliant lasting power. Whats not to love? Barry M are just brilliant for nails and this is definitely one of my favourites!

Whats your favourite nail brand? Have you tried this nail polish?

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