Friday, 16 June 2017

A Little Wedding Wishlist - Shoes, Accessories & Beauty

So it's been a while since I last properly spoke about getting married and this post isn't going to be an update or anything, we're wanting to keep it very private until afterwards but I did want to share a little wishlist. As time goes on I'm getting increasingly aware of what I actually need to buy and I'm worried it's going to get to the week before and I'll have forgot loads! I'm going to keep my outfit quite simple, and even though I'm not fully decided on one yet I do know I need a few accessories and I also definitely need to get a bag and some shoes, aswell as a few beauty bits! I thought it might be nice to do a little post with just a few bits I've seen recently that I really want to try and get for the wedding as like I said it's been a while since I've posted anything about it. 

The first thing I wanted to include was shoes, because I just have no idea what to go for! I'm really not that good in walking in heels, I genuinely think the last time I wore them was my prom, or not long after, which was a good few years ago now! so I'm thinking I'll go for some nice flats, again it all depends on the outfit though. If I go for a dress I'm probably wanna go for heels but if I go for a more casual outfit, I think some pretty flats would be lovely. I just dont know, here are a few I'm liking at the moment though regardless! I know a lot of the heels look the same but I promise they are different.
New Look Velvet Shoes, Suede Metal Trim Shoes, Asos Heels, Asos Ankle Strap Flats, Asos Glitter Pointed Flats, Asos Lisbon Flats
I think any of the flats would look lovely with some nice new skinny jeans and some sort of white lacey top and I think the heels would all go well with a dress if I decided to go for that. I honestly have no idea what to go for. We're keeping it really casual, it isn't in a church or anything like that so I want to be comfortable. I'm gonna have do some serious thinking! The best thing about all of these aswell is regardless of what I go for I can wear them afterwards too!

Now onto beauty. I know I definitely want to repurchase my Essie Eternal Optimist nail polish. It's such a perfect nude colour and I've said right from the beginning that was going to be the one I wore on my wedding day. I'm getting to the end of the bottle I have now, thats how much I love it so I need to get another one of these. I also really want to get another of the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. I don't want to wake up on my wedding day with new spots but knowing my luck I will, so I really need this as it's the best concealer I've ever used. I also really want to get some sort of setting spray. I've never used them before but they are supposed to be brilliant for keeping your makeup in place. I've seen a good one by Rimmel but if anyone has any recommendations please let me know!
Starskin Hand Masks, Starskin Lip Masks, Rimmel Setting Spray, Essie, Fit Me Concealer.
I love the look of both the Starskin products, neither I've ever tried but I think both look really good. I want to have nice, fresh and soft hands so I think the nourishing hand masks are interesting! Also the plumping and hydrating lip masks are intriguing and as there are two I could try one a few weeks before and see if they make any sort of difference.

There are only a few accessories I need to get, the main one being a bag! I don't want to take much but I'm going to need something so I'm thinking a little plain clutch bag would be nice. Again the style I go for might change depending on the outfit but for now I'm liking these two simple ones from Asos. Also I have no idea what I'll be doing with my hair but I love these two headpieces. I just think they would look lovely and it's a little bit of sparkle but not too out there. Lastly I love this gold necklace. I don't wear much jewellery and I do already have a few necklaces I could wear but this is so pretty.
Flower band, Diamante Band, Gold Necklace, Curved Clutch Bag, Scallop Clutch Bag
I feel like I've probably repeated myself a lot in this post but I'm conscious of not giving too much away and also there are a lot of things I'm still pretty undecided on! I just thought it would be nice to do a wedding post like this, and there are some really lovely bits available at the moment.

Do you like anything on this wishlist? or have you tried any of the beauty bits?

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