Thursday 1 June 2017

May Favourites - Seventeen, Line Of Duty & Insta Stories

I feel like I've been so slack with my monthly favourites this time! Normally I'm sure a few weeks before the post goes live what I want to include but this time I really struggled! Regardless of that, I can't believe we are now in June! How did that happen? Anyway, in the end I managed to find a few bits I've been loving, aswell as a few tv shows which I have just been obsessed with and really wanted to mention.
Alberto Balsam Shampoo & Conditioner - I really don't think I look after my hair that well, I literally go for the cheapest shampoo and conditioner, and very rarely treat myself to something a bit more expensive. I just go through hair products so quickly, especially conditioner so I never think it's worth it. One of my favourite brands for cheap haircare products is Alberto Balsam and recently I've been buying the Mango and Passionfruit scented ones which are new and available in B&M for £1 each. You can probably get them at other places but thats where I've been getting them from. This just smells gorgeous. They do so many different ones but I love anything mango and passionfruit scented so these are amazing. Like all their other shampoos and conditioners these make my hair feel so nice. It always smells incredible for ages and just feels so soft when it's dry. I very rarely look to any other brand as these are so good for the price!
Seventeen Contour Kit - This is one of those trusty make up products I never want to get rid of. I've hit pan on the bronzer so at some point I will need to repurchase but for now I'm switching between this and my Barry M Chisel Cheeks kit. I just always find myself going back to this. The Barry M one requires a bit more time and effort whereas with this I find it takes no time at all and is just so easy to do, but it actually makes a difference. I love the bronzer in this kit as it gives me a nice glow but theres no need to worry about it looking muddy or just slapped onto my face. It's not hard to blend at all and I just love how it looks. I'm so glad I decided to buy this ages ago as now I couldn't be without it. 
The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel - I'm such a huge fan of the body shops shower gels. I've tried countless amounts of them and I definitely have my favourites - Grapefruit and Passion Fruit. But when I won a giveaway recently, one of the things I received was a mini shower gel in the scent satsuma. I'm pretty sure this is one I've never bought before so this has been a really nice one to try before purchasing in the future. This is just so lovely and refreshing. It's nice and zingy and definitely wakes me up if I use it in the morning and I just always love how body shop products make my skin feel. This is one I'll definitely be buying at some point in full size.
Insta Stories & Snapchat - I'm not sure if it is completely vain or not to put 3 selfies in this post, and trust me this isn't something I would do often but I have been absolutely loving snapchat over the last few weeks. I just love playing about with the filters and there has been some pretty cute ones on recently which I am a little obsessed with. I mainly annoy George while he's at work with a load of ugly funny photos but there have been a few that I like that I wanted to put in this post. I don't think I ever wanna take photos without a filter on again. Aswell as snapchat I've also been loving Insta stories. It's nice to share other pictures I don't want to put on my actual page of food, or just random things really, and it's a good extra way to promote my new pictures and new blog posts. I finally get why people jumped over to there from snapchat, I love seeing peoples stories each day.
Bates Motel - I'm not sure where to even start with this show. It's just full of drama and every single episode keeps me hooked throughout. It's basically about Norman and Norma bates, mother and son who are kind of obsessed with each other, and have quite a strange relationship, who move to a new town and start running a motel. It's inspired by the film Psycho, and it's a sort of prequel I think, it explores the years of Norman bates and how he ends up becoming a serial killer. I'm sorry if I've not explained it well, I'm never good at that but trust me when I say it's one you need to watch. We've just finished series 4 which had a pretty insane and twisted ending. I can't wait to see what the final series is like which we're just about to start!
Line Of Duty - Another program I've just been obsessed with in May. People have recommended this for so long and I've seen so many tweets about it but we only got round to starting it recently. I think in the end we watched all 4 seasons in about 2 weeks, I was just obsessed and each episode was so tense. If you've never seen it it's about 3 police officers in the anti-corruption unit, they're basically always out for the corrupt officers, and trust me there are some serious twists and turns in each series. I don't really know what else to say about it without ruining anything, just please watch it if you haven't. I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it but I'm now kind of sad how fast we finished it!
I can't recommend both tv programs enough, they're probably my favourite things out of this post! I'd love to know if you've seen either of them, or if you've tried any of the other things I've mentioned in this post!

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