Friday 2 June 2017

Getting Festival Ready With Mad Beauty*

Today I wanted to talk about getting festival ready with a brand I've recently discovered, who have a range of the most perfect products! Mad Beauty are basically serious about making cosmetics fun, and I just love that. They provide a range of novel, fun and interesting pieces all perfect for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. I was sent the Disney Handy Set which is £7.99 and contains a moisturising hand sanitizer, hand cream and a hand warmer.
First of all I know the pictures I got aren't amazing. The lighting was shocking when I took some of them but I did my best. Anyway, when you go to a festival you expect to get messy, dirty and probably not wash for a few days so things like the hand sanitizers are life savers! This is such a lovely little set to pack with you, with a few essential items in, all of which I'm sure you'd need at some point. Also as these come in a little case, you can pack a few other bits in there too like makeup, toiletries and maybe even things like cash, and your phone if you need to keep them somewhere safe.

Moisturising Hand Sanitizer - The first thing I used was the hand sanitizer, and OMG it smells incredible! I've already mentioned this a few times on my instagram and insta stories, because I just want to tell everyone about it! I love using hand sanitizer, especially when we go away, they are perfect handbag size and are brilliant to just get out when you need to. What I particuarly love about this is that it is a spray sanitizer. Just spray a few times onto your hand and rub in, it doesn't feel sticky in any way. Just makes your hands feel and smell lovely. I think this actually smells like cherryade which is just amazing. As its quite slim packaging this would be perfect to just keep in your back pocket of your shorts or jeans at a festival. Honestly I could go on about this for ages.

Hand Cream - Next I tried the hand cream. I love a good hand cream as they always make my skin feel so soft. I've been using this each day, sometimes before bed or after a shower and it's been making my hands feel so nice. This also smells lovely, just so sweet and refreshing and again something else perfect to take away with you.

Hand Warmer - The last thing in the set is the hand warmer. We're really getting into summer now so it's unlikely we'll be needing these much but I do think they'd be perfect for the evening if you're at a festival when the weather drops a little. It's just a cute little item to take with you if you're a bit cold at night. This is so easy to use, just gently bend the metal disc thats inside which will activate the crystals inside, knead gently to soften them and then just apply to wherever you need too. The lighting wasn't brilliant when I took these photos so you might not be able to see very well but this says practically perfect in every way. I love all of the disney quotes on each product.
I'm really not just saying this, I think this is such a lovely gift set and so perfect if you're going away for a few days or heading to a festival. The hand sanitizer in particular is so good to just keep in your pocket or handbag. Mad Beauty do a huge range of products, including more of these sets, I for one love that this is a disney one. I really think this would be such a lovely present for someone if you know anyone that has a birthday coming up! If you want to see what else they have check out their wesbite here! They do so many other lovely bits including lots more disney things! I think I might have to treat myself to a few bits soon!
Have you ever tried anything from Mad Beauty? Do you think this set would be good for a festival?

*Thanks so much to Mad Beauty for sending me this set to feature on my blog. As always all opinions are my own.

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