Thursday, 8 June 2017

Next Just Pink Perfume Review

I bought this perfume while we were last in London, I mentioned it in my haul actually, and I just had to do a full post on it because I am obsessed! It's the Just Pink perfume from Next and if you haven't tried it before, seriously you need too!
First of all, how pretty is the bottle? For me as much as the scent of perfume is the main priority, it also has to look nice. I've always been fussy when it comes to perfume just because I always want to buy one with a pretty bottle, and sometimes a scent can be gorgeous but the bottle can be a bit ugly so if I can find one that is perfect in both ways, then I have to have it. I just love everything about how this looks. I love the gold along with the pink ribbon, and it's also huge! It was £12 for 100ml which I think is pretty amazing to be honest. I think this was the only one they had that was that good value for money, they had loads to choose from, but for the price, this was the one that you get the most perfume for. As much as I have a few favourite perfumes, branded ones can just be so expensive, and for this amount of perfume you can be looking at over £40 which I just don't want to pay. Why would you when you can get amazing ones like this from high street stores which are just as good and for a fraction of the price.

Next describe this as 'fresh and floral. A fresh green floral fragrance with soft fruits and pink blooms.' I definitely wouldn't be able to describe the scent very well so they've done it for me. This just smells lovely. It's the perfect spring and summer scent. I love floral scents and I don't think you can get a better one for the warmer months really. It's fruity but a little bit sweet, and it just lingers for ages. I want to put this on all the time because I just love it so much but then I also don't want to go through it quickly! I just love it so much. I'm so glad I picked it up.
I'm definitely going to be going back to Next to repurchase this when I run out, I really don't want to look for another any time soon as this is just so good. Next do this fragrance is so many sizes and all are really reasonably priced. They do a 30ml version for £8, the 100ml I have which was £12, a 200ml for £20, a reed diffuser for £10 and a few gift sets too which include the perfume and body moisturisers and shower gels.

 I could rave about this all day. I'm so obsessed with it.

Have you tried this perfume from Next? or any of the others they do?

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Unknown said...

Vc consegue comprar um pra mim ? Depósito o dinheiro pra vc ! Quero muito ele mas é difícil conseguir!

jordana said...

olá bom dia vc consegue comprar um pra mim? eu deposito o valor pra voce pq é difícil comprar, me comunique pelo meu email:

Unknown said...

È un profumo semplicemente stupendo,io lo adoro..una pecca nn so dove trovarlo in Italia.qualcuno mi aiuta?

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