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London Haul - Lush, Selfridges and More

Yesterdays post was all about our latest trip to London but I wanted to do a seperate one showing you the things I bought as I just couldn't put it all into one! I didn't end up getting loads but definitely more than I was planning. I never really go with the intention to buy stuff, it's always just about being there for me and seeing everything but when you're on Oxford Street, you've gotta take advantage of some of the shops. 

The first stuff I wanted to show you was a few bits from Lush. As I said in yesterdays post, I asked George to go in for me while I went to another shop as it's just too busy in there and as lovely as the shop assistants are, them constantely trying to help doesn't do my anxiety any good! The only one I knew I wanted because I haven't had it in a while is the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, apart from that I said just see what else they have, he ended up getting more than I thought he would but I am not complaining! He got me the Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb, Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb and 2 bath melts - Lime Pastille and Double Vitality. I love bath melts as they're a bit cheaper and always make my skin feel amazing. I'm so excited to use all the bath bombs, I'm pretty the sure yellow submarine and cheer up buttercup one are Oxford Street exclusives so I can't wait to see what they are like. I'm sure I'll do a few blog posts on them so look out for those, would love to know your thoughts on any of these as I've never tried any of them.
While George was in Lush, I went to M&S. I wasn't really going in with the intention of buying stuff but their homeware section is SO good at the moment. They had so much pretty summer stuff and a huge amount of candles, I wanted it all. I spent about 20 minutes smelling all of the candles and eventually I chose two because I just couldn't leave them. I got a huge Sweet Apple one which was only £7.50! Does anyone else think thats an incredible price for a candle that big? Yankee Candles are like £20 for that size, and this smells amazing, I can't even put into words how nice it is. I also got a small candle in the scent Vanilla Bean which was £3. I love this one because it almost smells like a cake, it just reminds me of baked stuff! The last thing I had to get was this Patchouli and Clove room spray. It was £5 and one of the more expensive room sprays. I'd never usually pay that for it and I stick to the Primark ones but this is just lovely. It smells a bit like mens aftershave which some might find a bit weird but I love anything that smells like that and I've had candles similar before, so this is perfect. 
We then walked down to Next, I saw someone mention one of their perfumes in a video recently and as mine is almost all gone now I thought I would treat myself to a new one. I got the Just Pink perfume which was £12 for 100ml. This smells gorgeous. It's so sweet and refreshing and just screams summer to me. So lovely. Also how gorgeous is the bottle? As much as a perfume has got to smell nice, for me it's also got to look nice, and I thought this bottle was just so pretty. I love places like Next for perfume, branded ones can be so expensive and I'm just not willing to spend like £40 on a new perfume when they do so many nice ones in shops like this for such a good price. 
After Next we went Selfridges and I picked up a new brush as I was desperate. I got OH K Sweet Peach Detangle Brush which I just love. I think it is so pretty and also it smells like peaches! I love anything that smells of peaches so this instantly won over all the others. It was £9 so a little cheaper than the other tangle teasers but just as good. 
I'm so happy with everything I got! I didn't go with the intention of buying loads, all I really knew I needed was a tangle teaser but apart from that I thought I'd just see if there was anything I liked. I'm so obsessed with the perfume, and even though I probably really didn't need more candles, I couldn't resist the M&S ones. If you go into one soon, smell them because these are just incredible. I think the only thing I've missed of this post that I got was a few more postcards from Paperchase for our photo wall but apart from that I don't think there is anything else.

I think that's it for my London posts now. I'm so sad it's all over but as always I hope it won't be too long til we're back there. I hope you've enjoyed reading about our trip and also seeing what I bought in London, I always love little hauls like this!

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