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Be Drinks & Froo-T Smoothies Review*

Okay I am obsessed with all sorts of drinks at the moment, juice, pop, even tea, I just want to drink ALL the time at the moment, so all of these amazing bottles from the people at BE Drinks and Froo-T couldn't have arrived at a more perfect time.
I wanted to get this review up as quickly as possible as me and George managed to get through these in just one weekend, and I was so excited to write what I thought about them all. Before I start on each flavour though, let me tell you a little bit about BE Drinks and Froo-T. Both of these are actually part of The Natural Beverage Company who are the UK's largest producer of Fairtrade beverages including yummy juices and smoothies like these. BE Drinks are new 100% natural and ethical juice drinks, available in a variety of flavours. Froo-T are delicious, fairtrade smoothies which are made with tea, big on flavour but not big on calories! I love a good smoothie, and I also am obsessed with drinks like apple juice, I can go through so much of it! so both of these were just perfect for me.

Lets start with the juices from BE drinks. I love the packaging, it's so bright and vibrant and I love how it stands out. These are also such a decent size. Perfect for me right now as I am always thirsty. So, the first one I had was the Apple juice, all of these have an added splash of water so the first thing I noticed about this was that it wasn't quite as strong as normal fresh apple juice, but only just. It was still so nice and refreshing and I got through this bottle so quickly. If you sometimes find that normal apple and orange juice, is a bit too sweet or tangy for you, then I think these would be perfect. The next one I tried was the Orange and Carrot. I tried a juice like this a while back and absolutely loved it, and I did with this one too. I love juices like this that have added veg in as I definitely don't eat anywhere near enough so if they can be disguised in things like this, then thats amazing. It basically just tasted like orange juice so if you're wanting to try something thats a bit healthier but aren't sure if you'll be able to tell that their is veg in it, try this flavour, you really won't notice. The next day I tried the Orange juice. I love fresh orange juice so much, it's the perfect morning drink, and this was so refreshing straight from the fridge. I also loved that this was smooth, I hate juice that has bits in so I'm so glad this didn't! Next I had the Mango and Lime one. I love this combination! I think they go so well together, and I just love anything with lime. This was really refreshing and zingy, I enjoyed it so much!

The last two I tried was Peach, Spinach and Ginger, and Raspberry, Blackcurrant and Beetroot. Normally I love anything peach flavoured but I think the ginger in this for me was just a bit too strong. If you like really healthy green juices and things like that then I think this would be perfect for you, but personally I don't tend to enjoy those. I gave this one to George though and he loved it, it was his favourite out of all of them. He tends to like drinks like that though and always goes for the Innocent Green Smoothies and Juices over pop, unlike me, so this one was perfect for him. I think my least favourite was the Beetroot one, thats not to say its bad at all, just not to my taste. Some people love drinks like that and similar to the green juices, you can get loads like this containing beetroot but they've never been ones that I would chose. It's just preference and for me I'd always go for the apple or orange juice. 
Now onto the smoothies. I was so intrigued by these as they contain tea, and I was super excited to see what these tasted like! First of all I love the packaging of these, it stands out to me and I think these are the perfect size for travelling or work. The first one I tried was the Strawberry and Banana Smoothie. Even though I love bananas I don't usually like it in smoothies, I find the flavour can be a bit too strong sometimes. George is the complete opposite though, loves the flavour but won't eat bananas, so strange. So, he absolutely loved this one. He ended up drinking most of it, but I did have a bit and I did enjoy it. The banana flavour wasn't too overpowering and I could really taste the strawberry and a hint of the green tea extract. Lastly out of all the drinks, the last one I tried was the Mango and Orange Smoothie. I really really enjoyed this one! It was a perfect one to have in the morning with breakfast. So refreshing and an even flavour of both the mango and the orange. So tasty and I didn't find it had lots of bits in either which is so good.
Overall I am so impressed with the drinks from both BE Drinks and Froo-T. I definitely had my favourites but generally all of these are so exciting and I really do think there is a flavour for everyone. My favourite out of all of them would probably have to be the classic Apple juice or the Mango and Lime, both of these were incredible. If you want to try these drinks or find out a little more about both of these exciting companies then be sure to follow them on social media, BE Drinks Instagram/Froo-T Instagram. You can also check out the Froo-T website here.

Have you tried any of these drinks? What do you think your favourite flavour would be?

*I received these drinks free to feature on my blog. As always I only work with brands that are relevant to me and my blog, all opinions are my own.

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