Tuesday, 2 May 2017

London Plans & Wishlist #2

So, this time tomorrow I'll just be arriving in London! I was debating for quite a long time whether to do this post or not just because I know I've said a few times that I don't know when we'll next be going back and then every time a few months later I've then come back and said that we're going! I didn't want people to read this and think this is getting boring now, as I only said all of that in January! I did say just a few months ago it was unlikely we'd be going again soon but I'm so grateful that we've been able to book a trip there this month and I just can't wait. I didn't want to not talk about this time just because I talk about London a lot, because how can I ignore the fact I'm going back to my favourite place?
In January I genuinely didn't think we'd be going back again just a few months later, I was fully prepared to not go at all again this year and even though I always hope we can get another trip in, whenever I'm there I'm always prepared that it might be the last time for a while. Luckily when George was told he was getting a bonus and a pay rise (not bragging honestly, I really don't want it to come across like that) we decided to see how much was left once we'd set enough aside for some of our other plans for this year. Luckily we had enough left for a 2 night trip to London and I couldn't be more excited. The last few months have been so, so hard so this break is more needed than ever. I need these few days away to just relax and focus my mind on something else. I know I've said it before but when I'm in London my worries just tend to go away and I always have the best time, so I'm counting down the hours now until I'm back there. 

We decided to go back for 2 nights this time as we've done quite a lot there now and we're not going to see a show so two full days is gonna be fine for us to see what we want to see. We have a sort of plan of places we definitely want to go and but I think we'll just decide when we're there how we're going to do it all as we keep changing our minds what we want to do each day! We know we want to go to Borough Market, there is no way we could go to London and miss it out. We also want to head to Covent Garden at some point as they have some really cute shops and it's just so lovely. We'll definitely get make a trip to Oxford Street at some point, gotta stock up on Lush bath bombs while I'm there and we can't not go to Whole Foods at Piccadilly for some incredible Crosstown Dougnuts! I also think we'll go to Hyde Park if the weathers good at some point and hopefully get some ice cream!

There isn't really loads I want to buy, there isn't most times we go to be honest, for me being there is always about taking in the sights and just going to all our favourite places. I didn't really allow myself to get excited until recently just because I was so anxious and so down about everything, I was convinced we wouldn't end up going and a few times when I was feeling really bad I told George to cancel it, luckily he never did because I know I'd have just regretted it, so now I'm really looking forward to it. I know it'll be over before I know it again and I'll be back home so I'm going to make the best of it and have the best time. 

Anyway, I know this is such a long post and well done if you've read through it all, I know I go on sometimes especially when it's about London. I'm planning on posting my usual 5 posts this week but if they're a bit later than usual during the end of the week then at least you know why, I'll definitely be doing a post on what we got up to and I'm sure they'll be a load of pictures so if you do like reading my London posts, they'll be one up next week!

Anyone else just as obsessed with London as me?

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