Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A Much Needed Break In London

I knew last week would go quickly and our trip to London would be over before we knew it, but it went so, so fast and I can't quite believe we're home and it's already over. I always feel a bit sad when we get home, I think it's normal after a holiday or a few days away, but this time I feel like it didn't properly hit me we were leaving when we were so once I was home, I just didn't feel right. I don't know if that makes sense but I always sort of have a few minutes to properly think okay we're going now on the last day and I'll take a few last pictures but this time I didn't do that, we were in such a rush Friday morning and so shattered so we didn't have much chance to do anything but rush to the station and I know this sounds super sad but I hate not having a proper goodbye. It's not like it's a person or anything but I always struggle to leave London anyway as I love it so much but this time I felt so emotional at the train station and it really didn't feel right to be leaving.
I know that's a bit of a depressing start to this post, we had such a good time but it's always bittersweet. I adore being there and I'm always so happy at the time but in the back of my mind I'm always aware of how fast it's all going. It's hard to not think like that, because I never want to leave so I feel like I'm always just on a countdown. Luckily on Wednesday we arrived at quite a good time and was checked in quite quickly so by 2pm we were out and had plenty of time to explore and get everything done we had planned. As usual we started off with a walk down the Southbank to Borough Market. Most of my London posts probably sound so repetative but we have our favourites in London and Borough Market is one of them. Of course we had to get our usual mini sugar donuts outside the This Morning Studios and we sat on 'our' bench outside the Tate Museum. Once we were at Borough Market we headed straight for one of the indian stalls which sell the most incredible samosas and onion bhajis. They are so cheap, huge and just taste amazing. We also got a Bread Ahead Doughnut, this time we got the Salted Caramel Honeycomb (I'm pretty sure thats what it was called) some chocolate, a brownie, oh and we tried our first macaron! I've been wanting to try one for so long so when we saw them at one of the stalls for £1.30 we both got a chocolate one to try. OMG they are delicious! They were not what I expected at all, but so good. Chewy and fudgy. I wish we'd got more. We picked up so much food to take back for that night and struggled to get through it all, there was just so much to try!
After that we went to Covent Garden. I had a look in my favourite shop Sass and Belle and a few others but didn't end up getting anything, there wasn't really anything I wanted or needed, it was just a nice walk round, and we stopped for some cheesy bacon fries from Shake Shack. They were so nice, and the chocolate milkshake we had their was just the best. A trip to London for us isn't complete without a stop at Whole Foods so after Covent Garden we went to the Picaddilly one which just has everything. After that we had a relaxing night in the hotel with McDonalds and TOWIE and all the baked stuff we had bought earlier in the day. I wanted to put this selfie we took in this post even though it's not got the best lighting, I love it because we don't have many pictures together and I think it's going to be nice for us to have a picture from each of our trips.
The next day we went straight to Hyde Park. We've been wanting to go each time we've been in London and we've never found the time but this trip was much more chilled as we've already done so much stuff in London so we made it a priority. We didn't get to go round it all, it's huge and we were on a bit of a time limit as we had something planned for lunch but what we did see was lovely. It was all just so green and pretty. I imagine it would look even more beautiful in summer. We stopped for an ice cream at one point and it was so nice, it's been so long since I last had an ice cream like it. After a walk round we went to The Potato Project on Oxford Street for lunch. I did a post all about it yesterday so if you want to know more about it and what I thought, link here. We then did quite a lot of shopping! I ended up sending George to Lush to pick a few bath bombs up, that shop sends my anxiety into overdrive because it's so busy so I didn't even want to attempt it. I'm going to put a haul up tomorrow so I'll show you what he picked in that. I went to M&S and their homeware section is on point at the moment! So many pretty things, I wanted it all. I ended up picking a few candles up, more that I really didn't need but the prices were so good and everything just smelled incredible. We went to quite a few other shops but I'll just tell you about all of that in tomorrows post as this is long enough already!
By Thursday night my body just felt broken. I am so happy with how much we saw, we did so much walking and both days packed so much in, but my feet and legs suffered! I don't think we could have done another full day. We were home by Friday evening and I started on all my London posts for this week pretty much straight away after unpacking! I just love writing about our time away every time and these are always my favourite posts to look back on. I'd love to say that we'll go back to London this year but I doubt it, I think it will be quite a while now unfortunately but you never know, I'm always wanting to book another trip there as soon as we get back! I know some people probably think we'd get bored after going about 4 times over the last few years but there is so much to do there it never gets boring or feels like we're repeating ourselves.

Anyway, this post has gone on for long enough, I just had such a lovely time. Look out tomorrow for my haul, I managed to pick up some really exciting things so if you're interested a post will be up in the afternoon.

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