Friday, 28 April 2017

Superdrug Blending Sponge Review

This is something I have been wanting to blog about for so long but I wanted to use it for a while first and properly work out if I liked it and what was good and bad about it before I did. So I've been using it for about a month now, I actually mentioned it in my Superdrug and Boots Beauty Haul and I've been using it instead of my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge.
As much as I love my Real Techniques brushes and complexion sponge, the sponge was just disgusting and there was no saving it so when looking for a new one in Superdrug, I spotted their version of it and I decided to give that a go instead. It was under £4 at the time and cheaper than the Real Techniques one and as I'd heard good things about it before, I thought why not try it?

First of all I love the packaging. I know it's just simple and basic but that's what I like about it. It's not really a product that requires really fancy packaging and I just really like that about it! I also love the colour of the sponge and the size. When I first took this out of the packaging, I was surprised at how heavy it was. It was much heavier than the complexion sponge and when I first started using it I did sort of feel like I was hitting myself in the face! It took some getting used to but now it's fine and it's not something I really notice anymore. When it comes to applying my foundation with it, it's been really, really good! I've been so impressed. It gives me such good coverage and I love the finished look it gives me compared to a normal foundation brush. I've been wetting this first like you're supposed to (I didn't do this most of the time with my Real Techniques sponge) and I've found that has helped with applying so much. There are no streaks or anything with using a sponge and because of the tip you get in the corners around your eyes and nose so really I have no complaints! I love using this so much, much more than my normal foundation brush and I actually think it's better than the Real Techniques sponge. I've not tried the official beauty blender so I have no idea how it would compare to that but to say how reasonably priced it is and how impressed I've been, I can't see myself switching from this anytime soon.
Have you tried the Superdrug Blending Sponge? If you have what did you think? and if not, what do you like to use to apply your foundation?

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