Tuesday, 18 April 2017

My 2 Must Have Lipsticks - Rimmel & Barry M

I've had this post planned for so long but I've had so many others I've wanted to get out first so I've unfortunately only just got round to it. I've got quite a few beauty posts planned for the next month or so (a lot for me anyway) and I've posted a few already recently which is quite unlike me. I've rediscovered some makeup products and I've also got some new that I wanted to blog about so thats why you can expect quite a few beauty posts soon! Todays is about my 2 must have lipsticks, one is Rimmel and one Barry M, 2 of my favourite brands!

The first one I wanted to talk about is this Rimmel Kate Moss Nude 48 one. I bought this so long ago and proper fell in love with it, it's just the perfect nude shade and is really subtle which I like. I definitely don't like to wear darker shades on my lips, I'm just not confident enough and I feel like a bold lip obviously really stands out. I like really subtle pink and nude shades and this Rimmel one is just perfect. Aswell as how it looks, this lipstick also feels so nice! It's really smooth and creamy, applies really well and my lips don't feel dry at all. I like to pair this one up with the Barry M lipstick below. This is £5.49 at the moment at Superdrug.
The Barry M lipstick I love is this one in the shade 168 which from looking online I'm pretty sure is called Truffle Shuffle. I couldn't find it anywhere on the lipstick and it was ages ago I got this but it's still available to buy. I like this because it's bit darker than the Rimmel one but still isn't out there. The colour payoff of the Barry M lipsticks is brilliant, I really don't put a lot of this on, literally a few dabs does the job. Like the Rimmel lipstick, this feels really nice on my lips. These have shea butter in and you can really tell they do, it makes my lips feel so soft and it's not drying at all. This is £4.99 at the moment at Superdrug which I think is a really good price for a decent lipstick that looks and feels good.
I am always impressed with Rimmel and Barry M so it's no surprise I love both of these. These are both staples in my makeup bag now and I genuinely get a bit excited to use them when I do my makeup!

Have you tried either of these?

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