Thursday 27 April 2017

Anatomicals Review*

Last week I received a lovely little package from Anatomicals to review and blog about. Anatomicals are a skincare brand who sell products for your face and body, all in quirky and out there packaging which I just love! They sell a whole range of products ranging from body cleansers, haircare items to facial moisturisers and so many more things. 
I had seen Anatomicals online quite a few times and always loved the look of them, their packaging is just the best! but I had never got round to buying anything so I was so excited to see what all of these products were like. I was sent a selection of products to review and all of them I've been really impressed with.

Face Masks 

The first of all the products I wanted to try was the face masks! My skin can be a bit sensitive so I was a little worried if they might react badly but every product from Anatomicals has been fine on my skin and I really had nothing to worry about. The first one I tried was Anti-Blemish one. My skin has been so bad the last few weeks and I was in desperate need of something to sort it out. I only ended up using about half this sachet and that was plenty, I left it to dry for 10 minutes then washed off and afterwards my skin honestly felt so soft. It also felt just as good the next day and I really did start to see in an improvement in my skin. A few days later I tried the Tropical Hydrating Face Mask as I'd had an awful nights sleep and really needed waking up, I thought this would really refreshing and it was. This was so nice because it contains coconut water along with papaya and pineapple extract to cleanse and also cocoa seed butter and soybean extracts which leaves your skin feeling so soft. I used half of this and left on 15 minutes before washing off. I really did feel a bit more alive and awake when I washed this off! The last thing I tried out of these three was the Apricot Scrub. I love using a scrub on my face as I always feel so clean and fresh afterwards. This was just amazing. I expected it to be a clear scrub but it was almost mud like which I quite liked as I could really see where I was applying it and I properly covered my face in it. I love rubbing this into my skin and I just felt like I was really getting rid of anything bad on there if that makes sense. After I washed this off, my skin felt incredible! I think this is my favourite of the 3, I can't even put into words how soft my face felt. These are available in a pack of 3 here!

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 

 I had never used a hair mask before until this one, but I'm so glad I had this to try. My hair is in awful condition and I really don't think I look after it very well so this was very much needed. First of all it smells incredible! It has a really strong scent of coconuts which I love because it lasted even after washing it out, for hours. I used this in between my shampoo and conditioner and just really rubbed it in making sure all my hair was covered. I then left it for 5 minutes then rinsed out. Normal conditioner makes my hair feel soft and nice but combined with this, it felt the best it ever has. I could tell it had really done something and it just made my hair feel so silky.

Help The Paw Hand Cream

 I love a good hand cream and this one is no exception. It's just like any other hand cream really, leaves your skin feeling soft and clean and has a really nice scent to it. It's a perfect size so can go in your handbag to use when you're out or at work, or it could be left in your bathroom to use after you've washed your hands or on your bedside table which is where I'm planning on keeping mine. Available here for £3.49.

Snog Me Senseless Mints 

I love anything minty so these were such a perfect little addition. I always like to carry round chewing gum or mints when I'm out as you never know what you might eat or drink and I love having that minty fresh breath. One of these was enough for that lovely mintiness so these are going to last me ages! These will be perfect to keep in my pocket when we're away next week.

No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel 

I never really apply anything around my eyes but over the last week these have actually been a bit of a saviour for me. When I've had a bad nights sleep, which has started happening quite a bit again recently, I wake up feeling awful and my skin just feels horrible, especially around my eyes. I've been putting a little bit of this gel under my eyes and gently rubbing in each morning and it has been so refreshing! A few dabs of this does the job and it rubs in really well, it didn't feel sticky in any way, just woke me up a little and made my skin and eyes feel so awake. I love this.
I absolutely love every single thing I was sent, and I wouldn't just say that. I'm so glad I got to try some of their products out, they were all so kind to my skin and the face masks and eye gel especially were so refreshing and just made my skin feel really nice. I briefly mentioned at the start of this post their packaging but I've got to say it again how much I love it. It's bright, colourful and out there and I love the words on each one. When I first took everything out the bag they arrived in, I had a good laugh at the hair mask one. I love how unique it all is and it just stands out from a lot of other skincare brands. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase Anatomicals products in the future, I've been so impressed. If you want to try anything out, check out their website here and you can also buy on Asos and Superdrug, brilliant prices too!

Have you ever tried anything from Anatomicals? If you have, what did you think? Do you love the packaging like me?

*I was sent a selection of products to try out, I genuinely love everything and only work with brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog.

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