Monday 3 April 2017

My 3 Must Have Baking Books

Baking is something I do as often as I can, usually at weekends as I think it's always nice to have a homemade cake or treats on a Friday night or a Saturday afternoon. Over time I've adapted recipes to make them my own and I finally feel like I can actually bake well enough to come up with my own but I still like to get some inspiration from a few of my favourites and use classic recipes that never let me down. I have a few baking books that I always go back to and I don't think I will ever stop using so I wanted to talk about them and maybe introduce you to a few bakers you didn't know about!

Jo Wheatley, A Passion For Baking & Home Baking 

I love love love Jo Wheatley and all of her recipes. She won the second series of the Great British Bake Off and I think she is my favourite out of all of them. Both of her books are full of classic recipes along with things like pizza, bread, sausage rolls and flatbreads aswell as ideas for breakfast and lunches. Every single thing I've tried has turned out perfectly. Her Malteaser cake is always a hit and something I make every so often or when there is a special occasion. Everytime I've made it, it's gone down so well and people have always commented on it. I couldn't choose between her two books but they're basically my baking bibles and I know I'll be using recipes from these for years and years and these will hopefully be passed onto my kids.

Bero Book 

This is just a classic baking book and one you need if you love to whip up a cake or biscuits. All the recipes are quite basic and so straight forward so perfect for people who don't bake very often but also for those who do it all the time and just want to make something simple. You can find recipes for things like pancakes, scones, classic Victoria sponges, chocolate cakes, fairy cakes, just everything you can imagine.

Big Baking Book 

I got this years ago and even though it isn't one I reach for every time I bake, it does have some brilliant recipes in, and the end results have always been delicious. I don't look anywhere else for a cupcake recipe because this book has the best one, they turn out so soft and moist and taste so good with simple icing sugar on top. I think just about every recipe I would ever need is in this book so I know it's one I'll always keep and go back too.

I have so many recipe books but these are the three that always give me brilliant results and never let me down.

Do you like to bake? What recipe books do you like to use?

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