Friday 7 April 2017

A Little American Food Haul

This is a bit of an unplanned post but a few weeks ago I placed an order on an American food site and once it arrived, I took some pictures and thought why not do a haul? It's a bit different but I personally love seeing things like this and seeing what food others like! 
So, a few years ago before I moved away for uni with George, we had a full summer where we saw each most days and every so often we would buy some American food from a shop in town. It was quite new and they did so much stuff and I basically got addicted to Faygo Red Pop. Literally the best drink ever! but that shop closed down and since then I've struggled to find it anywhere. I think there was one time George managed to order some but then it disappeared again online, until now! I looked on American Fizz and they had it in stock so was no way I wasn't getting any. I ended up ordering 5 cans which I don't think is that extreme (I wanted loads) and they were about 70p each. I don't even know why this tastes so good, it just does. It's says on the can it's strawberry soda and I suppose that sums it up. It's a bit like cherryade, really sweet and is amazing ice cold from the fridge. I always feel a bit nostalgic when I have this because it takes me back to summer 2012 when we would have picnics in the garden and the first proper year of us being together.
Something else I loved a few years ago and haven't found anywhere since is White Kit Kats. I'm pretty sure you can get White Kit Kat Chunkys or you have been able to in the past but they're just not the same. These are my absolute favourite and were 99p I think.
One of the last things I ordered was Pizza flavour combos which are basically cheesy pretzels! As much as I love sweet stuff, any sort of crisps or savoury food is a winner for me and these again are something we used to have that summer. These were 99p for a small bag but they do lots of flavours and bigger packs for about £2.50. The final thing was something which George saw, Coffee Nut M&M's. I'm not a big fan of coffee at all but George loves it so these were the perfect thing for him!
I think all together with postage it was about £15 but so worth it, I have waited for Red Pop for SO long. 

Anyway, I know this was a bit of a random post but Red Pop and White Kit Kats are too good to not blog about!

Have you tried any of these?

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