Tuesday 4 April 2017

Lush Easter Which Came First Bath Bomb Review

As obsessed as I am with Lush I think I have only ever bought one of their Easter bath bombs and that was the Golden Egg, about 2 years ago. I was really hoping to get some this year as I recently ran out of my Christmas stash and I always need to have some Lush products in. I mentioned in this post that George got me a few presents a few weeks ago and one of them was a bath bomb! It's the Which Came First? bath bomb from the Easter range and it's one I probably wouldn't have picked up myself so I was so excited to use it!
First of all, how pretty is it?! I love how it looks. It's quite unusual and different to a lot of their other bath bombs and I'm sure I've never seen this one before. I love the pink and yellow, my two favourite colours and I knew that these two combined would be amazing. Like I mentioned in my Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb review, these two colours just look so good in the water together.

This product splits into 3 which I think is brilliant as bath bombs can be quite expensive and you can only get one use out of them and sometimes it can feel like a bit of a waste. I love ones like this that you can split and spread it out over a few baths. Saying that though, I didn't choose to do that this time! I actually ended up dropping it on the floor that morning so I didn't really have a choice but to use it all in one go. I put all of the outer shell in the water first and let it do it's thing then I added in the yellow egg from the middle. Almost instantly so many patterns emerged from this and I just loved watching it fizz away.
Aswell as looking very pretty, in and out of the water, I have to talk about the smell of this. It has grapefruit oil in, and anything grapefruit scented is a favourite for me. I always think it's such a refreshing and uplifting scent and it's one I always like in shower gel form as it's a perfect one to wake me up in the morning. It also contains sicilian lemon oil which definitely came through and what I liked about this is that it wasn't over sweet. A lot of Lush bath bombs are really sweet, which I love but I didn't really find that with this one.

As with most Lush products, my skin felt amazing after my bath! So soft, so smooth and so clean. I didn't expect to like this as much as I did but I know it's one I'll repurchase now in the future.

Have you tried any of the Lush Easter range? What's your favourite Lush product?

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