Monday, 3 July 2017

June Favourites - Baywatch, The Handmaids Tale and Summer Drinks

I feel like I'm struggling with monthly favourites a bit at the moment. There are so many shows and films I want to include but when it comes to actual products I'm not really changing things up! I'm going to try my best to carry on though and this month I did find a few new things I wanted to mention.
Wicked Book - George bought me this a few months ago, I mentioned it in this post actually and I couldn't wait to get started on it. Unfortunately I'm one of those people who really has to be in the mood to read so it took me until the middle of June to actually start it. I've mentioned Wicked enough times on my blog so I'm sure you're aware of the story, it's a massive show on the west end and broadway, most people have heard of it, but I was really excited to see how the show would translate into a book. I literally had no expectations but so far I'm enjoying it. I'm a few chapters in and even though it is strange how different it is in the book, it's a really good one to get lost in and I can't wait to get reading the rest.
Primark Winnie The Pooh Footlets - Okay I had to include these because they are just ADORABLE! I am obsessed by anything Winnie the Pooh, he is just too cute so when I saw these on Instagram a few months ago I knew I had to have them. I fully expected to miss out on them because the Primarks near me don't tend to have all the stuff I see online that I want, but they had these and they were only £2.50. I just can't get over how cute they are and they are also so soft! I love wearing them and I know they are not going to leave my feet in the colder months later on this year.
Marks and Spencers Room Spray - I've mentioned this at least once on my blog since I bought it but it's just so nice I had to feature it in a favourites post. A room and linen spray might seem a bit boring but I love any sort of homey bits like this and this has genuinely been making our flat smell amazing. This is from Marks and Spencers, my new favourite place for homeware and even though they had quite a few room sprays to choose from, the Patchouli and Clove stood out for me, just because it smells mainly of mens aftershave. Is it just me who loves the smell of mens strong aftershave? Well now I've got this I can make every room smell like it! I've been spraying this on the bed each morning after making it and also a little bit in each room. It's also nice to spray onto washing when it's just out of the washer so that when it dries it smells even better! So obsessed with this. It was £5 so not the cheapest but honestly worth it.
MUA Sheen Lipbalm - This was something I won in a giveaway last month and I'd never even seen this before so I was really excited to try it and see what it was like. It's the MUA Sweet Sheen Lipbalm in the shade Peach Dream. I don't tend to put any product on my lips, I just feel like I look weird with brighter colours on so if I do it's always a nude sort of colour but I've started using this and I'm really loving it. It adds some colour to my lips but it's really subtle which I love and it's actually really moisturising. I just love what it looks like on and how it makes my lips feel. I'm definitely going to look out for more of these next time in Superdrug as they are brilliant and I'm sure they are only £2.
Fanta Lemon - Okay isn't this just the perfect drink for Summer? I remember always getting it when I was on holiday when I was younger, it was just the 'holiday' drink and so perfect for around the pool! With the hot weather we've been having recently, which to be honest I'm hating, I'm such an autumn and winter girl, this drink has been a life saver! 
Baywatch - I was really looking forward to seeing this film and in June we got round to it and had a bit of a date day, and I really really loved it! I was a bit sceptical and thought it might just be cheesy and a bit crap but it really wasn't. I thought it was really funny and I loved the cast. I mean, its Zac Efron for one who I seem to love a bit more after Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, and then there is The Rock, who doesn't love him? He's just so cool isn't he. It's not the most amazing film and I didn't expect it to be, it's just a chilled, funny one and one that I know I would watch again. 
The Handmaids Tale - This wasn't something I was intending to watch but after seeing a few tweets I started recording it and one night in June we watched the first two episodes and just got hooked by it! We've now watched 6 episodes I think and I'm enjoying it more and more every week. If you're not sure what it's about, it's basically set in a dystopian near-future where women aren't allowed to work, own property, control money or read. With widespread infertility due to warfare-induced environmental contamination, those left fertile are forced to become handmaids and are taken away from their own families and children, and are assigned to couples who want a child. They have to submit to ritualised rape with their male masters to become pregnant and bear children for him and his wife. So that was quite a long explanation and I know it sounds mental but it's just such a good tv show. At first I was a bit like what the hell am I watching but it's so tense and actually a little bit scary. With everything going on in the world it only makes it feel even more real!
Have you been watching the Handmaids Tale? or have you seen Baywatch? I'd love to know your thoughts or what you've been loving this month!

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