Thursday 14 May 2020

Current Netflix Top Picks #14

Whilst in lockdown there isn't a great deal to do is there? Despite always finding jobs around the flat
(it feels never ending), working on my blog and obviously doing a LOT of baking, it's also fair to say I'm watching a lot of TV. I've been leaning more towards to Disney+ recently just because it's so new and there's so much to watch but there's still no denying, Netflix win when it's comes to documentaries and binge-worth reality TV. Here are my current Netflix top picks!
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Nadiya's Time To Eat

To say how much I enjoy cooking, I rarely seek out cooking programs on Netflix but I'm definitely going to be doing that from now on. Obviously I've re-watched all of GBBO on there but that was pretty much it. I spotted Nadiya's Time To Eat just last week and I've loved each episode. She's just seems like such a lovely person doesn't she? So down to earth which I love and she actually shows normal recipes that we really all could recreate at home. There's a few recipes I'm desperate to try soon from the series including chocolate hazelnut mousse and the peanut butter and jam traybake.

Love Is Blind

Okay I know this came out months ago now and it was all everyone was talking about but I still had to mention it in this post. Love Is Blind is the show that I think we're all going to be waiting for each now year, it's similar in a way to Love Island so if you're a fan of that, I think you'll love this. In Love Is Blind, 30 single men and women hoping to find love, take part in a kind of speed dating game. The men and women date each other in different 'pods' where they can talk to each other but not see each other and if they form a strong enough emotional connection, they can propose to one another. After the proposal, they meet face-to-face, head to a couples retreat and then they move in together before then deciding on the actual wedding day if they want to say I do, proving whether love really is blind. It's such an interesting format and nothing like any other dating show out there which I think is what I loved about it. It's packed full of drama too though so it's easily a show you can just binge-watch in one go!

Tiger King

Another show everyone was talking about weeks ago I know but it's just fascinating! I wasn't actually that bothered about watching it at first, I'm not usually too fussed about documentaries but then all the memes started and I had to witness the madness for myself. Tiger King is primarily about Joe Exotic, a zoo owner who spirals out of control in a true murder-for-hire story from the underworld of big cat breeding. His real life enemy, Carol Baskin also plays a big part in the documentary and it's quite clear no one is really innocent throughout, they're all a bit strange to put it mildly. It really is a brilliant watch for so many reasons. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing most of the time.

Love Wedding Repeat

Okay this definitely isn't the best film Netflix have put out but I also don't think it was as bad as some of the reviews I've seen are saying! Love Wedding Repeat features a great cast including Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn, Eleanor Tomlinson and Joel Fry and it's basically the same wedding day repeated as Jack (played by Sam) tries to ensure his sister has the perfect day without any mishaps. It's a nice romantic comedy to stick on during the weekend with some really funny moments but probably don't expect it to be the best film you've ever watched.

The Sun Is Also A Star

I just adore anything by Nicola Yoon. Nicola is the author of the book The Sun Is Also A Star, aswell as Everything Everything and luckily both have been adapted into film. I first watched this last year but I'm thrilled it's been added to Netflix. This follows college-bound romantic Daniel and pragmatist Natasha who meet and fall in love on one magical day in New York. Sparks fly immediately but Natasha is fighting her family's deportation to Jamaica meaning one day may be all they ever have? It's just the sort of film I would have adored as a teenager. I love both the characters and having read the book too, I think they've really done it justice with the film, no details are missed.

So, that's my current Netflix picks! Like most of us I'm sure, I'm really working my way through loads of boxsets and films at the moment so let me know if you have anything you recommend.

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Heather Nixon said...

I haven't watched any of these - I've just been watching Brooklyn 99 x

Claire @ Eleventh Avenue said...

Love is Blind and Tiger King was never on my radar until I caved and binged watched them since there was nowhere else to go. I had a good time watching those 2 series, haha. I am hoping they come out with Season 2 Love is Blind soon!

Riana Ang-Canning said...

I binged Love Is Blind back in March and yup, loved it! So much drama and the perfect show to just get lost in. I was looking at Wedding Love Repeat. Will now go into it with lower expectations so I can actually enjoy it!

jennyinneverland said...

Thanks for the recommendations! Carl and I are re-watching Prison Break but apart from that, I've been neglecting Netflix a bit recently as I'm just watching Disney+!

Sarah Trademark said...

Love is blind was so good! I’m binge watching schitts creek the last few weeks xx

Sophie said...

I haven't seen any of these, I've heard so many great things about Love Is Blind though, I really need to watch that soon. Thanks for the recommendations x


Tiffany Timms said...

I've only ever watched a few episodes of that but everyone seems to really love it xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Me too! I ended up loving them both. Can't wait for another series of Love Is Blind xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Haha good idea! It's a good film but I wouldn't rush to watch it again xx

Tiffany Timms said...

There's just so much on Disney+ isn't there! We've had it weeks and I've still got loads I'm yet to start xx

Tiffany Timms said...

I started that but only got a few episodes in! Everyone seems to love it so maybe I need to try and carry on with it xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Really recommend Love Is Blind for an easy watch at the moment xx

Hannah said...

I loved Love is Blind, it's such an easy watch! Tiger King is wild isn't it, but you can't look away haha! Great picks xx

Hannah |

Mollie said...

Like the whole world - i am obsessed with Tiger King! I really want to know more about what happened.

Mollie |

Kelly~Diane said...

I haven't watched any of these but I'm nearly at the end of Cable Girls (which I'm loving). I'm going to note down your recommendation and give them a watch.

Abi said...

I loved Love Is Blind and Tiger King! I'm currently watching a lot of documentary series, so I'd recommend 60 Days In and Girls Incarcerated!

Abi |

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