Monday 4 May 2020

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To Doing When Covid-19 Is Over

Since lockdown began in the UK I've actually somehow managed to remain pretty positive. I've no idea how because I'm usually a bit of a pessimist but I've just been trying to get through it the best way I can and that for me has been looking forward and planning for the future. I've accepted that this is life for the time being so I've been trying to find things each week to enjoy, like a movie night at the weekend with homemade cookie dough, or a long walk in the woods with Bear during the week, or starting a new book. Little things have kept me going but there are so many things I'm looking forward to doing once we're allowed out again. I've seen quite a few bloggers share similar posts and I think a lot of us are trying to remain optimistic so I really wanted to write something myself. Here are the 5 main things I'm looking forward to doing when Covid-19 is over.
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Heading To The Beach

A few weeks before we started social distancing and life was normal we had a lovely trip to the seaside and I just can't wait for the day we can do that again. Last year we had a weekend in Whitby, Scarborough and Bridlington - Bear's first holiday and we all absolutely loved it so we'd just been waiting for the weather to be nice enough for us to head to the beach again for the day. We went to Bridlington and as expected, Bear had the time of his life! We met so many other dogs and he was just living his best life running up and down the beach, splashing in the sea and trying to steal our chips. It was one of those days I know I'll remember and I won't ever take days like that for granted again. I think a trip to the seaside will be one of the first things we do.

Booking Our Trip To Amsterdam

I can't wait to get a holiday booked. I know everything with travel is up in the air at the moment, no pun intended, so whether we'll actually get to go anywhere abroad this year is uncertain but once it's safe to do so and travel is allowed again, we are 100% booking a city break to Amsterdam. One of the hardest things I've struggled with due to Covid-19 is that obviously all of our plans have been put on hold and for someone with anxiety who sort of relies on things to look forward to, it's been hard to take not knowing when they'll happen now. We had quite a few travel plans for 2020 and whilst I know we'll re-arrange them, it's hard having weeks go by knowing we should be somewhere else. We had planned months ago to go to Amsterdam for our anniversary in July, we'd got pretty much everything sorted and then it all stopped so I'm just waiting for the day we can book it for another time.

Being Able To Enjoy Food Shopping Again

God I can't wait to be able to do a normal food shop again! As much as I want to go on holiday and go to the theatre, I also just want life to feel normal again. I'm aware it might be a while even once we're out of lockdown for things to be as they were before but I can't wait for the day I can just walk into a supermarket again and it be an enjoyable experience. I'm someone who genuinely loves food shopping and going to the supermarket was like a bit of peace for me every so often and obviously now it's all very serious and it's not a case of just walking in and having a browse anymore. I'm looking forward to simple things like this just as much as the bigger things like travelling.

Seeing Musicals On The West End Again

I actually feel emotional even thinking about the time I'll get to go the theatre again so I'm fully prepared to be a crying mess when it actually happens. It's no secret if you've been reading my blog over the last few years that musical theatre has become a massive part of my life and it's now one of my biggest passions. I've spoken about every show I've seen so far from the very first which was Wicked to the latest which was Les Miserables and everything in between. Of course I was pretty devastated when all the theatres had to shut when we went into lockdown but it was inevitable and currently there's no date for when they are due to re-open. It's an ever changing situation so whilst I do think they'll re-open by the end of the year as life will have to go on at some point, it's scary knowing it could go on for far longer and this unfortunately will have had damaging effects on certain shows and theatres, some even having announced already they won't be able to recover from this.

For me there's just nothing like the theatre. That buzz when you walk in and take your seat, when the lights dim, when the orchestra starts, when the cast enter the stage, it just gives me chills. Musicals have been there for me when anxiety has been at all time high or when I've felt the lowest of the low, it's just been huge comfort for such a long time so I just can't wait for the day me and all other theatre fans can be back at the West End. George and I were supposed to see Dear Evan Hansen and & Juliet in April so it's safe to say this whole situation has hit me hardest over the last week or so but I know we'll get to see them one day and I'll be back at the theatre as soon as they're open again. I think the atmosphere will be like nothing it's ever been before, it's going to be incredible.

Booking A Festive Trip To Krakow

Aswell as Amsterdam, we were also planning a festive trip to Krakow this year. Krakow is somewhere I've wanted to go for years and years, especially at Christmas time, so 2020 was finally going to be the year. Who knows, it might still be? I'm trying to remain positive that we might still have some of the year to enjoy things like this and if it's possible, we'll be going. I'm desperate to go on the Auschwitz tour which I've mentioned many times before on my blog and I just want to walk around the Christmas markets, eat nice food and get into the festive spirit. I'd go to Krakow at any time of the year but I just think it's one of those cities that would be magical at Christmas.

So that's 5 things I'm looking forward to doing when Covid-19 is over or under control I suppose is the better phrase. Whilst I do love being at home usually and I've never been someone to be out and about all the time or travelling everywhere, I just can't wait for their to be options again! Over the last week I've really felt this impacting my mental health and I imagine they'll be loads of other people feeling the same so if you are, you're absolutely not alone. Things might be tough now but it won't be forever, there will be an end to this and how good is that day going to feel when it comes?

How are you coping with lockdown? What are you looking forward to being able to do in the future?

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Kelly~Diane said...

It's great that you're thinking about things you want to do when life is back to normal. I can't wait for the supermarkets to go back to normal either and to be able to actually buy the things you want. I'm also looking forward to being able to wake up & just go out for the day, maybe to the beach or even just a browse round the shops.

Sarah Trademark said...

I have been so scared to go food shopping so been relying on ocado deliveries but can only get one every two or three weeks so been touch! Can’t wait to not be scared! Take care xx

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

I'm looking forward to going to concerts and other theatre events. I had quite a few tickets books for this year. I'm just glad I got to see Wicked in the West End and Kiefer Sutherland in Liverpool in January & February.

Diana said...

So inspire!

D | Chic Hijab Airport Outfit Ideas You Can Copy

Mollie said...

Cant wait to just go out to the shops again or go for a coffee!

Mollie |

Nic said...

I'm to looking forward to go the coast esp. Dorset once Covid-19 is over :)

Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

jennyinneverland said...

Gosh there's so many things I can't wait to do! I'm eager to book a trip to Amsterdam when all this is over! x

Sophie said...

I LOVE that you mentioned food shopping. Genuinely the thing I'm looking forward to the most is being able to do an Ocado shop, get a delivery slot easily and have most of the items in stock. So basic but genuinely one of the day to day things I'm missing the most. I can't wait to jump on a plane too after having my holiday cancelled last month x


kylie said...

I also miss normal food shopping! I greatly enjoy going to the supermarket so that's something I look forward to in the future - normal food shopping!

xx Kylie

Tiffany Timms said...

It's the thing keeping me going to be honest! I'll never take things for granted again. Just can't wait for a bit of freedom xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Me too, I haven't left the house for anything other than walking the dog so I can't wait to be able to just enjoy simple things again like browsing in the supermarket. We've been getting our food shop from Tesco which might be worth a try? There seems to be more slots available now luckily xx

Tiffany Timms said...

We got to see Les Mis in January and I'm so thankful we did! That still feels like such a long time ago though. The theatres re-opening is what I'm waiting on xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Me too! I love simple things like going to Starbucks, never realised I'd miss it so much!

Tiffany Timms said...

Can't beat the beach can you? I can't wait to go again as soon as we're allowed xx

Tiffany Timms said...

I'm so desperate to go to Amsterdam. I feel sad whenever I think about it as it's getting closer to the time we should be going. I hope it's not too long until we can all go!

Tiffany Timms said...

God I can't wait to go to a supermarket again and it actually be an enjoyable experience! We've been getting our food from Tesco as they've had quite a few slots available over the last few weeks luckily! It's not the same as going and picking it all myself though xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Can't wait! Heading to the supermarket will be one of the first things I do when it's not such a scary experience!

Heather Nixon said...

I can't wait to go around Dunham Massey x

Emily said...

I hear ya! I can’t wait to be able to just pop to the shops for a couple of things. I hope you make it to Krakow at Christmas.i went in January this year and it was still really festive and it was wonderful.

Emily x

Tiffany Timms said...

That sounds lovely x

Tiffany Timms said...

Ah that's made me want to go to Krakow even more! I'm remaining positive for our trip! The way I see it is we're still only in May so everything could change by the Autumn/Winter months. Things will have to get starting up again at some point so until it seems a definite no, I'm acting as if we're still going haha. It gets me through the day sometimes.xx

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