Wednesday, 18 January 2017

My First Bath & Body Works Candle...

A few months ago I entered a giveaway and ended up winning a few Bath & Body Works goodies. I literally never win anything so I was so happy, and everyone always raves about Bath & Body Works so I was really excited to see what their stuff was like. I won a candle in the scent Leaves and a mini hand sanitizer in the scent Coconut Pumpkin Latte, both very autumnal and probably something I would pick myself! 
I'm a complete candle addict, especially in the run up to Autumn and Winter so this candle really was a great addition to my collection. I chose to have it in the bedroom on the windowsill and honestly I have been so impressed with it and I absolutely love it. It's supposed to have hints of crisp red apple, golden nectar and warm clove spice. It has a really woody scent to it which is I suppose what you'd expect with it being called Leaves, but you can really tell there's a sweetness in it which comes from the red apple. I've noticed that this doesn't even really need to burn for that long to give off an amazing scent. We sometimes burn it at night if we're watching something along with my dupe, brown sugar allspice, but this is the one that really gives off a scent compared to the other one. I can also smell it from another room if i've lit it in the bedroom while I go to do other things, so it really fills the whole flat. It just looks so pretty too, I think it fits so well in the bedroom and goes with everything else we have. This candle is supposed to burn for 25-45 hours and so far we're not even nearly finished with it. It's also burning evenly aswell as it's a 3 wick candle. 

I don't think I would ever spend over £20 on a candle but if I was to buy anything in the future from Bath and Body Works, this would be the one so far. I love everything about it and I think I'll be quite sad when I have to replace it!

Have you ever tried anything from Bath & Body Works? Or have you tried the dupes?

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