Wednesday 4 January 2017

Spinach & Philadelphia Stuffed Chicken Recipe...

I'm not sure why I've never posted the recipe for this before as it really is a favourite of ours. George especially loves it so I try to make it every so often and it's a bit different to other things we have. I actually saw a video of this being made a while ago on Facebook and at the time I wasn't sure if it would be very nice but it really is lovely, even though it does require a bit of effort, the results are worth it. 
2 chicken breasts
1/2 a bag of spinach
2 tbsp of Philadelphia
60g of grated cheese

1. Pre - heat oven to 200 degrees and spray a baking tray or dish with frylight
2. Cut any fat off chicken breasts and slice the top of them, about 5 times depending on the size of the chicken, don't cut too far down as you don't want to cut it completely, just enough to make a slit to fill with the mixture
3. For the cheesy mixture, wilt a load of spinach in a hot pan, I usually use about half a bag for two of us as it wilts down to nothing
4. When your spinach has wilted down add in two tablespoons of Philadelphia or cream cheese and keep stirring until it's melted
5. When all the mixture has mixed together and the cream cheese is melted and soft, add a few teaspoons to each slit in the chicken breasts
6. Cook for around 30-40 minutes in the oven, depends on the size of the chicken. Add 30g of grated cheese to each chicken breast and put back in the oven until it's melted
7. Serve with potatoes and veg or salad. If you want to make the chips in the picture, these are Slimming World friendly and are literally baking potatoes sliced and boiled for 10 minutes, covered in herbs, salt and pepper and in the oven for around 30 minutes

This is a really tasty meal and even though it requires a bit of effort don't be put off by that, it's worth it and it's one we love making!

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