Friday 13 January 2017

2017 Blogging Goals...

So it's time for my 2017 Blogging Goals! I'm really excited to be doing this post as I didn't do anything like it last year and I know it's really going to help me stay on track with blogging. I want to look back next year and have achieved all of these things! 

  • Commit to blogging 5 times a week - This is something I've wanted to do for a while but while I was working it just wasn't possible and to be honest I completely neglected my blog. Now I've got more time on my hands I've set myself the challenge for 2017 to blog 5 times a week and so far it's going well! I have so many ideas and I want to get them all out so at the moment I'm not struggling for posts. Fingers crossed I can keep up with it.
  • Take part in more Twitter chats - I take part in quite a lot of comment storms and things like that each week but I definitely don't take part in enough chats and interact with bloggers enough. I get quite shy about it and worry I just don't fit in with everyone else but I need to put those thoughts aside and really make more of an effort to take part in them. I made a list in my new diary just after Christmas of all the chats and when they start so I'm hoping that will help me as there are just so many I lose track of when they are on!
  • 1000 Twitter Followers - I really want to grow my Twitter following this year. I don't think I'm doing too bad, I hit 600 a few days ago but that is nothing compared to some bloggers so I know this is something I really need to work on. My goal is 1000 for this year and I'd be very happy with that as that is still a lot of people! I am secretly hoping for a bit more though so we'll see. 
  • 500 Instagram Followers - Instagram at the moment is just a nightmare, not just for me, for so many bloggers. As soon as you get a new follower, about 10 unfollow so it's a constant battle and so my actual number of followers never really changes. At the moment I'm at around 420 so I'm starting small for this and just hoping to make it to 500 this year. Again, I would secretly love more but with it the way it is at the moment I don't want to aim too high. Anything more would be a bonus. 
  • Write More Personal Posts - I used to be quite scared about opening up on my blog and letting more of myself out in my posts but now I really just don't care and if there is something I want to talk about, I just do. I was quite honest about my anxiety in 2016, aswell as my reasons for my leaving my job and also reasons why I don't really like birthdays and all of those posts got a really good response from people. I find it's my most personal posts that people engage with the most. Those are the things I like to read from other people too so I definitely want to carry on with those sorts of posts in 2017.
  • Improve my photography - I do think my photography has got better since I first started blogging but it's nothing compared to some and a lot of the time I never feel my photos are good enough. Recentely I saw people on Twitter comparing their old blog photos to most recent and it put me to shame. Mine are awful compared to the ones I saw and it made me realise that mine aren't too different to what they were almost 3 years ago! I don't really know where to start but I definitely need to improve blog photography in 2017.

  • I'm going to work so hard to achieve all of these. I love blogging so much and I would love to really make something of this one day so I need to do everything I can to make that happen. Some of my goals are quite small so if I achieve anything extra with some of them, then that's amazing but for now I don't want to get my hopes up too much and then be let down in a years time! Anyway, have you set yourself any blogging goals? I would love to read them. 

    Did you see my personal 2017 goals?

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    Stephanie said...

    These sound like such fab goals! You'll make the twitter one for sure - this time last year I was in the same position and got to 1000 really easily. I think once people see you have around 1000 followers they're more likely to follow you. I can't wait to see you posting five times a week!

    Steph -

    Tiffany Timms said...

    Thank you! Really hoping I can achieve them all :) Would love to gain more followers on Twitter so that's one of the main ones from this list I'm hoping for! Thank you so much for your lovely comment xx

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