Thursday, 19 January 2017

3 Films You Have To Watch...

I just love films and over the last few months I've watched some brilliant ones that I had to talk about. 2 of them I'd never seen before and 1 is a film that no matter how many times you watch it just makes you feel all sorts of emotions.

The Ones Below 

This had to be first one I mentioned. It's a really creepy, weird film but one that keeps you in suspense all the way through. Two couples are expecting their first child and at first it seems like everything is normal, eventually the couple upstairs start to notice some strange things about the couple downstairs and over time it becomes clear they have some unnerving and sinister intentions. Throughout the film some strange things go on but you are always kept wondering about what is going to happen next and how it will end, it's not one you can tell straight away how it's going to go. It was on my mind for ages after watching it! If you watched The Missing on BBC you'll recognise David Morrissey in this, his characters is very, very creepy!


This is such an interesting film and one I re-watched a few months ago, it's set in the future and I suppose is a look at what could possibly happen one day in some way. It stars Joaquin Phoenix who plays Theodore, a heartbroken man coping with the breakup of his marriage, he starts interacting with a new operating system, played by Scarlett Johansson, and over time he starts to fall for her. It is a strange concept and definitely an odd story but so worth watching. It makes you feel all the emotions, it was just as good watching it the second time round, definite 5 out of 5. 

The Shallows 

This is basically a modern jaws film and one I wasn't that bothered about seeing at the cinema, but after finding it online a few months ago I had to recommend it. Blake Lively plays Nancy who is into surfing and has found herself in an area where there are great white sharks, and obviously you know it's not going to be a nice trip to the beach. She is stranded on a rock in the sea and has to try and survive and find her way back to shore. You might think this is one that has an obvious ending but it does keep you guessing and you don't really know which way it's going to go and I felt tense throughout.
Have you watched any of these films, if you have what did you think?

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