Monday, 16 January 2017

How To Stay Organised

I have had this post sitting ready to go for ages, and then last night I decided to completely re-write it and take brand new pictures. I just had the urge to start again. Anyway, hopefully all of that will have been worth it and you get some useful tips from this post. I wanted to write about organisation and what I do to try and stay on top of things because I find posts like this really help me.

Make A List 

This is something that really, really helps me, it helped in college and university, it helped me at work and it helps me at home. I don't like everything all muddled together so I try to separate everything I have to do into 2 categories, work and home. I just use a basic list notebook and I try to think of everything that needs doing and then throughout the day i'll go through and tick off whatever I've done. It's a really good feeling when you look back and see how much you've done and you can feel really proud of how much you did on a day where maybe you didn't want to do much at all!

Get The Boring Things Out Of The Way 

When making a list, I try to put things at the top that I know I won't want to do so I don't have to dwell on them all day and I can just get them out of the way. That could be something that needs doing at home or if there's emails I have to respond to, whatever it is I don't want to still see it on my list at 4pm. 


I love having a diary. This can be separate to your list of jobs to do, but can be good for you to make note of any people you need to see, any places you need to go, things you need to buy, and for me, which blog post I need to publish each day. A simple diary really helps plan your week. I love my 2017 diary and this year I'm making a real effort to use it and keep on track with filling it in.


 I am someone who really struggles to get stuff done if things are messy. Whether that's at work and the desk is a mess or if I'm at home and the kitchen needs cleaning. Just the smallest things stress me out and I can't even relax at night if I know I've left things out that need sorting the next day, for me it really is tidy space, tidy mind. If I am going to dedicate a few hours to blogging, I like to be able to go straight into the room and start rather than having to do the pots, hoover, sort the rubbish first, so these are things I always try to keep on top of. 

Don't Be Hard On Yourself 

Sometimes I really push myself to get loads done and other days I really don't want to do anything, and sometimes there's nothing wrong with that. I think everyone puts so much pressure on themselves to be perfect and for me I like to get as much done as I can, I want to impress but it isn't always about that, some days I struggle to even get out of bed so anything I do on days like that is a bonus.
L-R - List notebook, Notebook for bills, Diet Notebook for tracking my Slimming World progress! A few extra books I use to help stay organised.
So, those were my tips on staying organised. They might not help anyone or they might help a few of you but at least I can look back on this and remind myself of what I need to do if I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with work and home things. 

What do you do to stay organised?

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