Wednesday 18 October 2017

Jim Chapman 147 Things Book Review*

Jim Chapman is someone I've been watching on Youtube for years now so I was thrilled when I was picked to review his brand new book, 147 Things. In his own words, this is his 'users guide to the universe' and it's about a huge variety of things that he has either thought about or questioned in the past, from first times, to sleep talking, to the universe, to heartbreak and so much more. Anything you could have ever possibly wondered or imagined, Jim has written about it, dissected it and explained it in as much detail as possible.
I'm not going to lie when Jim first announced he was bringing out a book, I was sort of like 'oh okay another youtuber book' because so many of them have brought them out recently but it was clear from this beginning this was going to be different, and I've found it extremely interesting to read! It's a book which could be read by a young teenager, or read by someone my age (22) and even older, it doesn't stand out as a particuarly young book, it's for everyone. The book starts with an introduction into who Jim is, what he does and why he wanted to write this book, if you don't know who he is, he's a very successful youtuber who has now branched out in modelling, presenting and more. There are then 10 section to the book, each with a number of 'things' within them. 
Almost straight away I was hooked by this book. I think because I have watched Jim on Youtube for so long it was almost like a friend talking to me, in my head I was reading everything in his voice, instantly it was an enjoyable read and I found each section was just as interesting as the one before it. Starting off Jim explains just how lucky we are to actually exist which I think was a really nice way to start. Often we become so wrapped up in ourselves and our troubles that we don't really stop to think about what we DO have, and how lucky we are to even be here. We are part of something so huge and there is so much we still don't know, and I think it's important to realise that sometimes as really all of this could be taken away at any point.
After a bit of a deep start to the book, I then found myself laughing at the story of how Jim experiemented with waxing once and it all went a little bit wrong! That just shows how many different things are spoken about in this book, one minute we are reading about the earth and how we can look after it, and the next we are reading about waxing down there and how it doesn't always go to plan. It's just so varied and you never quite know what's coming next! One thing I did love about this book is that Jim actually got quite personal at times and wrote about things he's never told us about before, for example the fact he's not had a relationship with his father for 22 years. He uses that story to explain how it's actually shaped him as a person and how it's made him become so much closer to the family members he does have. I think with Youtubers it can be easy to think they all have their lives together and everything is perfect but this showed that actually behind the camera other things do happen that we know nothing about. Following on from that he then dedicated a 'thing' to his late stepdad, which was a part I actually found really emotional. He wrote that part the day after he passed away ealier this year and you can almost feel the emotion coming from the page, he said such lovely things about him and expressed the importance of living life to the full for those that aren't here anymore and making as many memories as possible.
I think one of my favourite 'things' from the whole book was Things 16, so quite near the start of the book, which was all about sleeptalking and some of the conversations he's had with his wife in the past. I had a good giggle reading this bit as I know I've spoken in my sleep before and George has written them down and read them out to me the next day, and they have always been so strange! Another part I loved in the book I've actually taken a picture of and included below, because I just felt it was so relevant to me. It also comforted me a bit and reassured me that actually the people that have spoken bad about me before or called me names, or whatever it is, THEY are the bad ones, don't waste any time or effort on people like that, focus on the ones who care. I struggle with coming to terms with things sometimes and I feel like that actually made me feel so much better about certain situations.
I feel that the mix of humerous things along with more personal, sometimes sad things is what makes this book great. One minute you are laughing, one minute you're nodding you're head in agreement, and one minute you're welling up! I felt a mixture of emotions reading this and just thoroughly enjoyed it. If this makes any sense, the book made me feel a bit more understood, like I wasn't the only one who feels a certain way sometimes, and I'm not the only one to think of some bizarre fact that no one else quite gets. For someone who's mind doesn't ever really stop, this book was just perfect. I've not properly read before this book for such a long time, but it's almost made me fall in love again with reading (deep I know) and now I can't wait to get started on something else. I've not read a book this quickly in so long and couldn't recommend it enough. If you were unsure before about this, buy it! I really do think it's a book everyone will enjoy, and out just in time for Christmas!

147 Things is available to buy from Amazon for £10.99. Jim has also recorded an audio book of 147 Things which is available here and also features a Q&A! You can also find Jim Chapman on Youtube here, subscribe for a whole range of videos.

Are you a fan of any youtubers? Do you think you'll be buying this book?

*Book sent for the purpose of this review. I only work with people I feel are relevant to me and my blog

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