Friday 27 October 2017

Christmas Decor Wishlist - October 2017

I know we're still only halfway into October and some people aren't evening thinking about Christmas yet but I am and most shops have their stuff out now so I'm gonna keep talking about it! I live for the day I can put up the Christmas tree and I can properly decorate the whole flat, and at the moment I'm already thinking about what I can do different this year and what I can buy! So, I thought it would be nice to just do a little wishlist of a few things that are out at the moment, and what I'm hoping to get.
I'm starting with Matalan because they always bring out some fab bits at Christmas. There is always so much I want when I either go in store or look online, every year they get better and better. Pretty much the first thing I looked at was the mugs because I clearly don't already have enough. Just look at this one with the dog on the front, and it's wearing a Christmas jumper. It's adorable and even though I know I've got already got a kitchen cupboard full of mugs, this is one I kind of need. I then had a look at the glasses and I really like the prosecco and fizz flutes. They are £4 each and I probably don't drink enough to justify getting them but glasses like this are always good to have in around Christmas time, especially when you have something to celebrate. I then had a look at the bedding because there is just something so nice about getting a fresh set around this time of year and it been specifically for the festive season. This Christmas Scene one is £20 for a double which I don't think is too bad and it has a dog on so you know, of course I want it. The last few bits I saw were this LED Christmas Tree which I think would look stunning next to the TV stand, and it matches perfectly with everything else we have, and then this LED Christmas Scene Star. I see things like this every year and I always want to pick one up but never do, I just think it's a pretty, extra decoration to put in the living room.

The first thing I saw on Next which I feel like I really need to get is these Gold Shaker Filled Baubles. They are £8 which I do think is pretty expensive for just 4 baubles! but how pretty. I think these would look so nice with some of the other decorations in our living room. Sticking with baubles, though it wasn't my plan to get more this year, I love this set of 20 mixed metallic ones which have gold glitter, rose gold and silver ones, I just think they look such good quality and would be a great replacement for the cheaper ones we have at the moment. Now onto candles because it wouldn't be one of my homeware wishlists without one! I've had my eye on this set of 3 festive candles for a while and I just have to have it. ONE HAS A BEAR ON, and we all know my love for bears 💛 I have two candles on the TV stand that I want to replace and I think these would be perfect for it as they are the same size and just look adorable. Something I don't need but really want is the Prosecco Diffuser to go with my Prosecco Candle! This is £7.50 so much more than I'd usually pay for anything like this, I just love the prosecco scent Next do and the candle I have at the moment is lovely. I just really like having things like this in the bathroom and the bedroom. The last thing I spotted on Next was this Snowflake Wreath. I've never had anything like this in the flat before but I have a space in the hall where it would fit perfectly! I'd love to have one like this to get out every year, I always look at them in shops but I just need to go for it and actually buy one.

The last shop I had a look at was Asda because they are one of my go to places for homeware. They always do such a great selection of things for Christmas. Following on with the bear theme from the Next candles, Asda have bedding and cushions with bears on! It's the Camping Bears Duvet Cover and the Small Cushion and I don't think there is anything I've needed more from one of these wishlists! These are so perfect for me. When I saw these, I then spotted the London Christmas Cushion. I have no idea where this could go but it's London so it had to be on this wishlist. One of the last things I found was this Wooden Christmas Countdown. We've got one similar I think but I have no idea where it is and I think the colours of this just go so well with our kitchen/living room. What I love about it aswell is that you can write on yourself each day which is a bit different to most countdowns you find. Lastly, Frosted Mint Pot Pourri. I genuinely love buying this to go in our copper dish on the coffee table, it just fills the room with such a lovely scent. I imagine Frosted Mint would smell incredible, need to get myself a pack of this.

I just want it all, I love decorating for Christmas and picking up new bits each year! Are you getting excited for it yet?

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