Wednesday 4 October 2017

September TV & Film Favourites

So, I know I've already done my usual Monthly Favourites but there has been so much TV I've been loving over the last few weeks, I really wanted to do a full post on it! There are a few shows I just had to mention and also some films I've absolutely loved, I couldn't fit it all into a normal favourites so I hope you like this little extra post!
Doctor Foster - This had to be the first thing I mentioned, I have been addicted to it! I've mentioned Doctor Foster before on my blog, series 1 was on in 2015 and it came back for a second series last month. In the first series it was about a woman called Gemma who suspects her husband is having an affair. Each week we were left wondering who to believe and whether he really was cheating and there were twists and turns with each episode. It had such an amazing ending and I really was sceptical when it was revealed they were doing a second series, just because sometimes they come back and they can't top the first one, and I really didn't know where they could take it, but series 2, which finished last night was brilliant. I genuinely felt so tense with each episode and just had no idea what would happen next. I think the ending of the second series left it open for another and even though I'm excited for that if it does happen, part of me feels like maybe they should have left it with series 1. I think when something is so good you don't need to try and do anymore! Suranne Jones who plays Gemma is incredible though and I'd love to see more shows with her in.
13 Going On 30 - I remember watching this when I was so young and absolutely loving it. I found it on Netflix a few weeks ago and it was still just as good as I remember, it took me right back to being a young teenager! It's a classic film and I imagine most people have seen it but if not it's about a young girl who on her 13th birthday wishes she could be a 30 year old woman, with her life exactly how she's always imagined. The next day she wakes up and she's got everything she wished for but she has no idea how that's happened and she realises the things she wanted might not have been the best for her. It's a typical romcom sort of film I suppose but it's funny, and heartwarming and just makes me smile. It's a nice one to put on in the background while working or if you just want a nice, chilled film to sit and watch.
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates - Another film I've mentioned on my blog before but I've watched it a few times over the last few weeks and each time I find it just as hilarious as the first. I think this is one of those films you either love or hate and I've read very mixed things from people but I just love it and think it's one of the funniest films. It's about Mike and Dave, two brothers who are out of control and always cause havoc at family gatherings. For their sisters wedding, they are told to bring dates so they go on a mission to find two girls and even though they think the two they pick are perfect, it turns out they've fooled them and are actually worse than them when it comes to partying. I probably haven't explained it very well but seriously if you need a laugh, give this a watch!
Once Upon A Time - I started watching this after finishing Pretty Little Liars but I had no idea what to expect. I know it's a show so many people seem to love but it wasn't until last month I really felt like watching it and it was only then I actually decided to find out what it was all about! It tells the story of a new world where fairy tale legends and modern life collide. In the first series we see Emma Swan get her life turned upside down when a young boy called Henry shows up at her flat, saying he's her son, and also he's convinced that she's the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. He thinks a spell was cast on all the classic fairytale characters to bring them to present day and live normal lives in Storybrooke. Again, I probably haven't explained it well but if you're looking for a new series to get stuck into, I really recommend this. I'm only on series 2 at the moment and I've got loads left to go but so far I'm really liking it and it's filled the gap Pretty Little Liars left in my life!
The Great British Bake Off - The last thing I've been loving through September, Bake Off! Like most people I couldn't believe that they were going to carry on without Mary, Mel and Sue and I really didn't think I was going to like the whole new show but I'm absolutely loving it. It feels like nothing has changed! It's still the same show, the same sorts of challenges, Paul is still there and the new additions have been brilliant I think. Prue is a great replacement for Mary, and I think Noel and Sandy are just as good as Mel and Sue. I think they are so funny and together they all fit just as well as the others did on BBC. I'm so glad it's been better than I expected, I love watching this each week.
I'm just addicted to TV at the moment, and there seem to be loads of other good shows coming out soon. So many dramas seem to start around this time of year and I love it!

Have you been watching any of these TV shows? Or have you seen any of the films I mentioned?

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