Thursday 19 October 2017

Birchbox Unboxing & Review - October 2017

It's time for my usual monthly Birchbox unboxing and review! I received my October box about 2 weeks ago now but I just had too many other posts to get up before this. I mentioned in the September unboxing that even though I was quite a new subscriber I was already thinking about ending it and maybe trying a new box because I felt so mixed about the products I'd received. I just wanted the October box to surprise me and convince me to stay.
First of all, as with the previous two boxes I've received, the box has such a gorgeous design. So bright, colourful and quirky and yet another box I can use in the spare room to store lots of little bits. I think this along with the others will look quite pretty stacked up. This month Birchbox have teamed up with the breast cancer charity, Coppafeel, hoping to raise awareness which is of course brilliant. Coppafeel is a charity I've known about for a while, I watched a documentary a few years ago about Kris, the founder, and her story and it's stuck with me ever since, so I'm really glad these two have collaborated and hopefully more people are finding out about them.

Now onto the products. The first product I received was a mascara from the brand ModelCo. A few weeks ago all subscribers were given a choice between either this or a contour stick, and I just didn't need another product for my face, but I feel like you can never have too many mascaras! It looks like just a basic mascara, really simple packaging but I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like. The next product I received was a shower gel from Anatomicals, a brand I've raved about a few times before on my blog. I like having a stash of shower gels ready to use so this has been added to the bathroom cabinet, it's another product I don't think you can have too many of so this was quite a nice addition. It has a melon scent which wouldn't usually be my first choice but it's actually really nice and very refreshing.
The next three things are the ones that have kind of got me feeling all mixed about the box again. I got the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash, which I've actually heard a few good things about, and I'm looking forward to trying, but it is just another face wash so not extremely exciting. Their was also a product from Nuxe, a lightweight moisturiser, again I'm sure it will be good to use but for now it's probably just going to stay in the box. Nuxe are quite a big brand and another one I've heard really good things about but to be honest I had no idea what this even was when I saw it! Lastly, there was a dry shampoo paste from R+Co Badlands. I've never tried anything like this before, in fact I very rarely even use normal dry shampoo so it's something else I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of it.
I'm so torn with what to do, whether to carry on until the end of the year or to just end it now. I loved my first box (August), my second one was a bit disappointing and this one I'm just not sure about. I think because I've heard mixed things from other people too, that's kind of making me form a negative opinion on it. Quite a few people have mentioned dry shampoos and face creams are a regular most months but I just don't need more! I've also seen a few things other people received including a product from ThisWorks and EcoTools, so if I'd had something from those, I think I'd be really impressed. I suppose, that's the whole point of these though, you don't know what you're going to get. I was tempted to cancel and maybe subscribe again in time for a Christmas box but there is literally only one box left before that so I feel like if I'm going to do that I might aswell carry on. Anyway, I'm just rambling now, I have no idea yet if I'll be carrying on with it or not, I might have to try and see if there are any other good boxes out there instead, but let me know what you think!

I'm going to give some of these a go and if I like them, I'm sure they'll be in a favourites post or something similar at some point! What do you think to the products included?

If you want to to sign up to Birchbox, don't forget to use my referall link here to get £5 off your first box!

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