Friday 4 August 2017

A New Obsession - The Body Shop Peach Range

I only posted a little body shop haul recently featuring these but I really wanted to do a full post on them because I'm just obsessed. I love anything peach scented so as soon as I knew the body shop had these and that they were on offer, I had to get them. I looked a few times over a few days on the site and they didn't have them so I assumed they were out of stock and I'd missed them but when I had one last look at the end of June I saw them and added them to the basket straight away! 
They had such a good sale on so I picked a few things up from the peach range aswell as a few other bits. These were the main things I wanted though and all were such a good price! First of all I got the shower gel for £3.50 instead of £5. I usually have a huge stash of shower gels in the bathroom, normally all the body shop aswell as I tend to stock up every so often, but I recently got through them all so I definitely had to pick one of these up. As much as I love the mini bottles of shower gel from the body shop, obviously the bigger ones last so much longer and are always worth the money. All of the shower gels I've tried in the past from them have been amazing and all had such lovely scents and this is no exception. I tend to find they normally make the bathroom smell nice for ages too and the smell definitely lingers on my skin which I really like. The bathroom is going to smell like peaches for ages now!
The next thing I got was the Body Mist for £4 instead of £8 which I thought was such a good deal. I don't think I've ever bought a body mist from the body shop before but as it was half price I thought it would be a nice little extra to get. I'm keeping this on my bedside table at the moment and spraying some each day when I've got ready or spraying a bit around the bedroom before we go to bed. It's such a strong scent which I love because it really does last for ages, and it's a decent sized bottle so should last me a while.
Lastly I got one of the big body butters for £7 instead of £15. I always wait until there is a sale on to get some of their body butter, as it's my favourite and makes my skin feel amazing, but I do think at £15 it's a bit pricey. The body butters always make my skin feel so lovely and smooth, and they are always such a nice thing to put on after a shower. Luckily with this being a big tub it should last me a while!
This range is just one of my absolute favourites that they do. It is a really sweet scent so might not be for you if you don't like things too overly sweet, but for me I love anything that smells even a little like peaches so all of these are perfect! I think it's a super refreshing scent aswell and definitely a perfect one for summer! I'm so happy with the bargains I got and as they are all full size they should last me quite a while. I said in my haul I'm not sure if this range is in stores all the time or not, because I don't tend to see it, if I did I would pick it up a lot more, so I don't know if it's new or if it's been discounted. I always tend to fall in love with a certain range the body shop do then it goes away but I'm really hoping I can get more of this one in the future. It's amazing. 

Have you tried the peach range? Whats your favourite body shop product?

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