Tuesday 8 August 2017

This Is Your Cookbook Review*

Now I know some people might read this post and think, hang on I didn't think you'd got married yet? and I haven't but I will be in the not too distant future so hopefully this won't be too much of a random post!

When I saw This Is Your Cookbook on twitter recently looking for engaged bloggers to review their romantic collection cookbook, I replied straight away, and then they got in touch and said they'd love to send me a personalised one which made me so happy. I always get so excited whenever a brand wants to work with me and never take it for granted and this was something I was really excited about. I absolutely love cooking and I'm always on the lookout for new recipe books to add to my collection and new meals to try, so this really did sound perfect for me and I just thought, what a lovely thing for us both to have and keep forever.
If you've never heard of This Is Your Cookbook before then let me tell you a little bit about them. They are a small start up company based in Brighton and they basically allow you to create your own recipe book full of your own delicious recipes. No more flicking through book after book, you can have them all in one! The recipe books can be personalised so you can have your own book with your name on full of your favourite recipes and your own that you've created. Personalising your cookbook can be done in less than 10 minutes (brilliant if you need to quickly order a gift for someone!) and you can either chose to add recipes from their own collections which all together has over 3000, or you can add just loads of your own, you can even mix and match, it's completely up to you!

The first step with This Is Your Cookbook is personalising the front cover. The one I was sent was personalised with my soon to be married name, but obviously if it's for just you, you can have your own name on the front, of if it's a gift for someone, it could be personalised with their surname. It's your choice what you put on the front. You can then choose what design goes on the front cover, the one I was sent has petals all over which I think is so lovely, but you could choose from cookies, cupcakes, cake and so many other things.
The next step is the dedication page. If you were ordering one of these for someone else, you could put a special message here and you can also choose to add a picture to this bit. If you have a nice photo you want to be included, it's so easy to do, or you can just add one that is on the website, there are plenty to choose from and I absolutely love the one that was in my book, I love a cinnamon roll. The right page is the contents page so any recipes you choose to include will be listed here.
As I was sent this book I had no idea what recipes would be included and it was personalised for me so I didn't get chance to add any of my own recipes in which is absolutely fine. This book is from the romantic collection so it was full of fancy meals to make for a date night or an anniversary, aswell as delicious desserts! If adding your own recipes though, it's so easy to do, you can add a little paragraph, list all the ingredients, the method and then a picture, it's as simple as that. All recipes are printed on high quality paper and the book is hardback, so it definitely looks and feels just as good as any other recipe books you may already have, just with the added bonus of personalisation!

There are so many recipes I want to try that are in my book but I thought I'd pick 3 that really caught my eye. The first one being the chocolate mousse with dark chocolate waves. As soon as I saw this I planned to get all the ingredients in our next food shop and give this a go. I made it a few weekends ago and it was honestly amazing! I had never made mousse before and really wasn't sure how it would go, but it was just incredible. I did things a little differently with the chocolate and served it another way but I got the same results and I'm so glad I gave it a go. 
How my version turned out - so proud!
Next up is the Moroccan Baked Fish. I really don't cook with fish enough, it can be a little pricey and to be honest a lot of the time I just don't know what to make with it! I loved the look of this straight away though and so did George so I added it to last weeks meal plan. I made it on Thursday and served it with a flatbread and wholegrain and wild rice. It was so delicious! The recipe was so easy to follow and it was a really quick meal to make, perfect to have after a busy day at work or on a day you just can't be bothered to cook much! It was definitely a little spicy but I didn't mind at all and it went so well with the rice I chose. I'll definitely be making this again.
How my version of the fish turned out, again so happy with it!
The last recipe I'm yet to try but really desperate to is the Bitter Chocolate Tart. I mean, look at it! I love a dessert like this and I think it would be such a good one to make maybe for an anniversary or if we had people round. I'm saving this one for now but will definitely be giving it a go soon.
Obviously there are loads of other recipes in the book I want to try but these were 3 that really stood out to me when I first had a look through.

I'm so impressed with the whole concept of This Is Your Cookbook and think it's such a fab idea! It's such a nice thing to have, either just for yourself full of your own recipes or ones you love, or it's a lovely thing to either have as a couple, or to gift to somebody. Not many people can say they have a personalised cookbook! I definitely recommend checking this out if you know anyone getting married anytime soon as this would be such a unique gift to give and definitly one they'd treasure I'm sure. I know this is something me and George will keep forever.

If you would like to buy a personalised cookbook, all details can be found on the website here and they are priced at £15 with £2.95 postage for the UK. Not too bad at all I don't think for what's included and the ability to put your own stamp on it!

What do you think to This Is Your Cookbook? Would you ever consider a gift like this?

*Cookbook sent for review, as always all opinions are my own and I only feature brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog. 

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