Friday 25 August 2017

5 Places In The UK I'd Love To Visit

I absolutely love travelling and going on short weekend breaks every so often. I live for those breaks each year and me and George have been quite lucky to have visited London several times and also Manchester, both places I now adore. Even though I could go back to those places all the time, there are also so many other places in the UK I'd love to visit so I wanted to do a post all about them. I'm hoping we'll get at least one ticked off the list next year! I'd love to know if you've been to any of the places I'm about to mention and what you recommend doing there.


Edinburgh has been on my travel bucket list for a while, and after watching a few vlogs last year of some youtubers who went, I now want to go so bad! It just looks beautiful. I know it's really popular at Christmas time and I've seen pictures and videos of an amazing Christmas Market there which I'd love to visit. I think it would be an amazing place to visit in Winter though I'm sure it's just as good any time of the year. Just a few of the attractions there that I'd love to visit are, Edinburgh castle, Camera Obscura and Edinburgh Zoo. 


Whenever I see a picture of York, I always wish I could just book a trip there straight away. I'm sure I've been a few times in the past, when I was much younger and I'm pretty sure when I was in school too but I'd love to go back with George for a few days and do some proper sightseeing. I'd love to see York Minster and York castle, aswell as making a visit to the York Dungeon and the JORVIK Viking Centre. The Shambles also looks lovely and there are some really cute little shops I'd love to go to. I've actually found an amazing hotel already that I'm desperate to stay in so I definitely want it to be one of our first trips next year.


 For so long I've loved the thought of going down to Cornwall and staying in a caravan for a week, is it just me that loves caravans?! I probably didn't appreciate them that much when I was younger but now I'd actually really love to go in stay in one, and I know it would be such a nice little holiday for me and George. As much as I want to go on summer holidays abroad, places like Cornwall are also so beautiful and can be just as good so this is somewhere I really want to go one summer. So much delicious food I need to try too!


I think Bath just looks absolutely beautiful and I think a few days there would be a perfect little break. The Roman Baths are the main thing I want to see, I'm so intrigued by them and remember reading about them when I was in school so I'd love to actually go and see them. The Bath Abbey also looks lovely and I'd love to go and visit it. I never used to be into things like that but now there are so many cathedrals, abbeys and castles I want to see. There is also the Jane Austen museum and they do a fab afternoon tea which I would need to have! I've also seen pictures of their Christmas Market too online so I'd love to go for that one year, I'm on a mission to go to loads of different Christmas Markets so if you have any others you recommend let me know!


This looks like one of the best places to go in summer. It's quite far from me and it's pretty expensive on the train so I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to go but one year I'd definitely love to have a little holiday there. I've seen so much of it from certain youtubers vlogs and Instagrams and I think it really does look lovely. I'd love to explore on the pier, sit on the beach with an ice cream and do some shopping in the lanes. There is also a Choccywoccydoodah cafe there that I need to visit! ALL THE CHOCOLATE!

I could list so many other places I'd like to visit but for now these 5 are enough! After finding a beautiful hotel in York, I think that's the one I want to go to first out of all of these. Hopefully we can get it booked early next year, it just looks wonderful and I'm in serious need of a break.

Have you visited any of these places? If so, is there anything you recommend doing there? What's on your UK travel bucketlist?

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