Monday 28 August 2017

Peachy Packages Little Box - Unboxing & Review*

I love a subscription box and I've tried a few in the past, most recently the beauty one a lot of people love, Birchbox, (check out my unboxing and review here if you're interested) but never one like the one I'm about to talk about - Peachy Packages. If you're not too familar with the fabulous Peachy Packages, it's basically a box delivered monthly that is full of useful surprises, ones for you to enjoy, ones to help you achieve and some are just straight up delicious treats. Andrea, the woman behind Peachy Packages understands the importance of self care and so wanted to give people something that could help them take a break and relax. Sounds perfect doesn't it?
This year has been tough for a variety of reasons and I really haven't taken enough time out for some self care, so I knew this box would be brilliant to try. Sometimes I spend so much time thinking about others or trying to get everything done, that I forget to just take 5 minutes to sit and look after myself, and that's part of the reason I think Peachy Packages is such a good idea, it's completely just for you, everything inside is to help you and reminds you to just take a break every so often.

So you probably want to know what was included, as lets face it there is nothing better than unwrapping or opening a box like this and not having a clue what's inside! I was sent one of the little June boxes and the first thing I spotted was a 2017/18 black and gold diary. I love a good diary or notebook, in fact I have far too many but this is such a lovely one to add to my collection and I already know what I want to use it for. I think it's such a beautiful design and the colours are perfect. Who doesn't love a notebook? I then saw another bit of stationery, 2 lovely pencils engraved with inspirational messages. I keep seeing things like this around but I never think to pick any up so I'm really glad these were included. I love the little messages on them and I know these will be great to go on my desk somewhere when our office is complete.
Now onto the food and drink that was included. Instantly I could smell the chocolate and it's from the Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Company. I got the flavour Lemon and Poppyseed and I honestly can't put into words how good it smelled. Just so sweet and such a unique flavour. I love that it was a little bit different to the usual milk chocolate you might find in other subscription boxes. I also love that Peachy Packages include chocolate from a family run business. Another thing I could smell pretty quickly was the tea that was inside. Each month you get a different flavour of tea included and in the June box there was original chai from Pukka Herbs. In the little boxes you get 5 sachets which I think is a nice amount as it just gives you a taste of the tea and if you like you can always go and purchase, but you don't have a full box that you need to try and pass on if you're not 100% sure on it! I've never actually tried this flavour of tea before and I've still not got round to it but I can't wait to give it a go. I also love that the tea is from Pukka, I'm a big fan of theirs and all their products are fairtrade.
The last thing that was in the box was a set of four dictionary definition postcard sized prints. I actually wasn't sure what these were at first but I think they are so lovely and could be added to a photo wall (like the one I have in the bedroom) or could go in a little frame somewhere. I'm going to save these for now and put them up in the spare room when it's finally complete.
There were so many lovely bits included in the June little box and I'm so glad I got to try it out. I loved every single thing and all of them have been so useful. I absolutely love the element of surprise with subscription boxes like this and I think the fact this is aimed around self care and taking time out for yourself is even better, each thing in there is perfect. As I said I got sent the little box which is priced at £15, though each month you can also choose to get a bigger sized box which will include everything in the little one, but with loads more and that is priced at £35. It may seem like a lot of money but you do get some fab bits included and I think both are so worth the money. I think one of these boxes could make a really lovely gift for someone too. If you know someone who is going through a tough time or even if you know someone with a birthday coming up and aren't sure what to get, I think one of these would be ideal and such a unique gift!

If you want to try out Peachy Packages for yourself you can choose to pay either each month, every 3 months or every 6 months, and you can find out lots more on their website here and also see what was included in previous boxes if you want to more of an idea of what else can be featured. I'm sure I'll be going back to Peachy Packages in the future when I'm in need of some serious self care and just want to treat myself to a little gift!

Have you ever tried a subscription box like this? What do you think to everything that was included?

*I was sent the june box for the purpose of this review. As always all opinions are my own and I only work with brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog

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