Thursday 10 August 2017

The Perfect Summer Nails*

I am always changing up my nails, and I'm definitely one of those people that goes for particular colours each season, every single year! I'm such a big fan of darker colours during Autumn and Winter, but as soon as Spring and Summer hits I'm all for the pinks, mints, and nude shades. Anyone else like that?

As I'm always changing up my nails, and talking all about my favourite polishes a lot on my blog and social media, I was so happy to be asked if I would like to take part in a campaign Destination2 are currently running, the perfect summer nails. Destination2 specalise in creating tailor-made holidays to a big range of worldwide destinations. You can choose from round the world trips, find the perfect beach holiday or pick a short city break. They can help you with booking hotels and cheap flights to various places including Dubai, Barbados, Maldives, Cancun and many more. Perfect if you're planning a holiday any time soon!

When I heard about this campaign I knew I wanted to be involved. It sounded so perfect for my blog and I knew exactly what nail polish I wanted to mention straight away. 
It's the shade Eternal Optimist by Essie. I know I've mentioned this before on my blog but I've never done a full post on it and this polish, really deserves that. It's one of my go to polishes every summer and never fails. It's a subtle pink/nude shade and looks beautiful in the bottle, and on the nails. I love wearing this in summer because it isn't too out there and definitely isn't bright, it's just a classic and elegant colour and is a perfect one to have on during the week when you're working. It goes with just about every outfit, if you like to go to that much detail, but is also just a perfect colour to wear for any holidays or weddings you have coming up. 

When it comes to holidays I love wearing a shade like this. I think it goes so well with a tan and this particular one from Essie lasts so long, so I wouldn't have to worry about it chipping during the holiday and having messy nails for the rest of the week! Before applying this I like to file my nails and I always go for a rounded shape, I sometimes apply a bottom coat if I have one but it's not a necessity. I then like to apply two coats of this and I find I get at least a weeks wear out of it then, sometimes even longer if I use a top coat, but again I don't do this everytime. When I can I like to use gel effect nail polishes just because I love the glossy finish they give and also gel nail polishes are supposed to give you much more time without chipping. This isn't a gel effect polish but I honestly think it's just as good. It's perfect, and one I always go back to.

I think this a nail polish I'll always repurchase and one I'll wear every summer, especially when it comes to any future holidays. I can't recommend it enough!

I'd love to know what colours you like to go for in Summer, do you like anything like the one I've mentioned or do you prefer the brighter shades?

*This post was written in collaboration with Destination2. As always I only feature brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog

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