Saturday 26 August 2017

Malee Eau De Parfum Review*

I love a good perfume and I'm always on the lookout for new, affordable ones to try so when given the opportunity a few weeks ago to recieve one from Malee, I jumped at the chance! I just love getting a new perfume, they always feel so special and are just such a nice thing to have on a bedside table or in a handbag so this really was so exciting to have and review.
Malee sell a range of products all inspired by the landscapes, scents and ancient wisdom of Africa. Their luxurious fragrances and body care range have scientifically proven formulas which can heal, protect and pamper your skin, aswell as leaving you feeling fresh and confident, ready for the day, how good does that sound? Malee products are engineered from natural active ingredients which have been picked because of their vitamin rich and antioxidant properties, and are designed for both men and women. They are really just for anyone who wants to be pampered, and who doesn't? The product I was sent to review was the Eau De Parfum which is priced at £28. As I mentioned at the start of this post, I love perfume and if I had the money I'd been buying all sorts of different ones all the time! I love trying different ones and finding what I like, so I was super excited to try out this one, as I literally had no idea what it would be like.
 First of all it arrived in really nice, sleek packaging and it was protected well during delivery which is always important. It's a 12ml sized perfume which is pretty good and will definitely last a while, I find sometimes with bigger bottles it can take ages to get through, and then smaller ones go too quickly, so this is brilliant! Because of it's handy size, it's brilliant to either keep at home on your bedside table or to pop in your handbag for use on the go. I love having a little perfume in my bag so I can stay fresh when I'm out and that's exactly where I'm planning on keeping this one. 

Now onto the actual scent which is the most important part. On the Malee website it is described as 'delightfully uplifting and refreshing' and it really is just that. As soon as I used this I was shocked by all the different scents I was picking up from it and it really was fresh and strong which is what I like from a perfume. I like it to have good staying power and for me to be able to smell it throughout the day and with this I could. The scent has energising bursts of citrus, along with refreshing mint, and warm, earthy patchouli. I love anything patchouli scented so this was really nice to pick up on and also it was nice to finally have a perfume with a bit of a minty hit. I love the smell of mint but I'm not sure it's one I've ever had included in a perfume before so this was lovely and also I could really smell hints of lemon and citrus too, so combined all of them together were perfect and such a unique scent! It definitely did smell a little bit earthy at first but so many other scents followed that it didn't put me off in any way.
Aswell as this perfume smelling amazing, and being in a really lovely bottle and packaging, I'm really impressed to know that all ingredients found in Malee products are 100% cruelty free and are also free from mineral oils and parabens. I know a lot of bloggers I follow are really into finding products which are cruelty free so to any of those reading, I really recommend having a look on the Malee website. They sell such a range of products, from things like this perfume to body scrubs to moisturisers and even candles, so really there is something for everyone!

I've absolutely loved trying out this perfume and can't wait to carry on using it and for it become one of my handbag staples! I love everything about it and have no doubt I'll be buying a few more things from Malee in the future.

Have you ever tried any products from Malee? What's your go to perfume?

*Perfume was sent for the purpose of this review. As always I only work with brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog

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