Tuesday 22 August 2017

TV Shows You Need To Watch #2

I did one of these posts not too long ago and at the time I didn't plan on doing another but there are just so many good shows on at the moment and also a few I've rewatched so I really wanted to talk about them. If you haven't read the first post you can check that out here if you want to know what I included then.

Bates Motel - This had to be the first one I started with because it is just insane! I mentioned it in a favourites a few months ago and knew then if I did another of these posts this had to be included. It's basically about a mother and son who are weirdly infatuated with each other and have such a strange relationship. It's inspired by the film Psycho and it's sort of a prequel to it with a bit of a different ending. It explores the relationship between Norman and Norma bates and shows how he ends up becoming this twisted serial killer. It's just an amazing show and I'm so sad after 5 seasons it has now come to and end. I love every episode and some genuinely left me thinking what the hell did I just watch afterwards, but in a good way. Just couldn't recommend this enough. Freddie Highmore who plays Norman is incredible.
Line Of Duty - Another show mentioned in a favourites post but again one that had to be in this post. This is one I'd put off for quite a long time, and I don't know why as I'd only ever heard good things about it! We started it a few months ago and got through all four series in about 2 weeks, it was that good, we couldn't stop watching. It's a bit different to the usual programs I watch but so interesting and keeps you hooked throughout. It's basically about 3 police officers in the anti-corruption unit, whose job it is to find the corrupt officers within the police force. So much goes on in each episode and each series and it's one of those shows where you're always on the edge of your seat. You're never sure how it's going to end and who's the bad guy which I love. It's just brilliant, and it stars Vicky McClure who was recently in The Replacement on BBC and she's an excellent actor.
Doctor Foster - I first watched this when it was on TV in 2015 and loved it, I remember after the last episode feeling like I just couldn't breathe and that I'd held my breath all the way through it, it's amazing! As it's on Netflix I'm going to rewatch it again soon and I'm sure it will be just as tense the second time around. It's only a 5 part series so doesn't take too long to binge watch, but it's about Gemma, played by Suranne Jones, who suspects her husband is having an affair and what she has to do to find out the truth and what secrets she uncovers. A second series is coming later on this year so I can't wait for that. It's a show you really need to watch.
Ja'mie: Private School Girl - A lot of the shows I've mentioned so far are quite serious and all dramas I suppose but this is the complete opposite, and almost a little bit offensive. I genuinely find it hilarious though, I'm not sure what that says about me 🙈 This was on BBC3 a few years ago now and at the time I found it so so funny so I bought it on DVD and it's one I go back to every so often when I'm not sure what to watch and need a laugh. Chris Lilley plays Ja'mie who is 17 and lives in Sydney. She's a very funny but she's also a narcissistic and conniving year 12 at a private school who thinks she is queen bee and basically gets whatever she wants, when she wants. I know I've not explained it well but I don't think it's one of those shows that I could really ever explain properly, it's just one you need to watch for yourself. I find it so funny and genuinely laugh out loud at every episode.
The Handmaids Tale - This is one I watched very recently and one I seriously needed to talk about on here. When I first saw it advertised on TV I wasn't too bothered and wasn't sure what it was about but after doing a bit of googling and then seeing a load of tweets after the first episode, I decided to catch up and I was soon hooked by it. The show is based on a book by Margaret Atwood and is set in the near future where woman are not allowed to work, own property, control their own money and must be basically used to bear children. After widespread infertility, all the woman left fertile and with children are forced away from their families and have to become handmaids. This means they are assigned to homes of the ruling elite and are forced to ritualised rape with their male masters in order to become pregnant for them and their wives. It sounds so out there and it really is but as the author of the book has said herself, she has only included things that do go on in the world somewhere, which is a pretty scary thought. It's such a good show and even though it is a tough watch sometimes, it's one I really think everyone should watch. I sometimes feel like I can't bear to watch or I can't breathe throughout but I think it's a really important show.
I'm just a bit obsessed with all of these and I'm so glad I gave them all a watch! There is definitely a real mix so I'm sure there is something for everyone. I really hope if there are some you've not seen yet that you give them a go, I love them all.

Have you seen any of these? If so what is your favourite?

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