Wednesday 1 November 2017

Party Animal Supplies Review*

Baths and Candles, genuinely two things I can't get enough of! I'm always stocking up on bath products to help have a relaxing soak and I'm also always buying candles and wax melts when I already have a flat full! As I love them both so much, I was so happy to be offered the chance to try out a few bits from new store Party Animal Supplies. Party Animal Supplies sell a range of handmade bath products, candles and gifts, all of which are perfect for people like me who love a pamper evening, and I thought I'd get my review up now in time for those who are starting to buy Christmas presents as I think these could be perfect for you.
Party Animal Supplies have a variety of candles and wax melts available and the one I was sent was the Apple Bobbin Melt which is priced at £2.50. I have a burner on the coffee table in our living room and I'm always changing up the wax melts for that so this came at the perfect time. As soon as I opened the little box it came in, I was hit with a strong Granny Smith Apple fragrance and it was beautiful! When burning, this scent only developed even more and it filled the whole flat. It is such a refreshing and zingy scent and really does linger for hours, as it's quite a thick wax melt (40g) too it can burn for such a long time which is a bonus. Aswell as this having an amazing scent and looking pretty too, this wax melt along with all the others available, is 100% vegan and completely handmade. I'm definitely going to order a few more wax melts as this one was so good, I love the look of the Fluffy Clouds one and also the Black Magic one.
The next thing I tried was the Candyfloss Bath Bomb Sherbet Cone which is priced at £3.50. At first I wasn't quite sure what this was as it doesn't look like a normal bath bomb but I actually love that this is a little bit different. It's just basically a whole bath bomb broken up meaning you can add as little or as much as you like to the water, and you don't have to use it all in one go! That's what I love about this compared to a normal bath bomb as usually I end up spending about £5 just on one and then it's gone within minutes, with this not only is it cheaper, you can spread it out, and they recommend around 10g a bath meaning you can get 10 baths out of this! How brilliant is that. I was sent the Candyfloss flavour which is so sweet, and perfect for me. It made the water go a really light pastel pink colour which was lovely and the scent filled the whole bathroom. As this is made for several uses you don't get the bright colours you get with a normal bath bomb though I'm sure if you really wanted too you could add much more than the recommended 10g and get a much darker pink. I like that I've still got a few more uses out of this though and overall it's a really nice product. Aswell as the Candyfloss scent, they also do English Rose, Lovely Lavender and Calming Chamomile.
Lastly, I was sent the Cheeky Cherry Soap which smells incredible! I can't even put into words how nice this is and I find myself going back into the bathroom to smell it all the time. I very rarely pick bars of soap up like this anymore, I just use handwash but this has made me want to start getting them again. Not only does this smell pretty wonderful, it's also enriched with Shea Butter so leaves skin feeling super soft and nourished. Each 100g slice is priced at £3.50 and it's really worth it. It's described on the website as a mouthwatering scent and I think that just about sums it up! I can't wait to get more of this in future.
I'm so impressed with the bits I've tried from Party Animal Supplies and I genuinely can't wait to get more from them in future. I love finding new places that stock affordable bath products as at the moment I feel like the prices of some of my favourites are going up and these are so reasonably priced. Not only do they do the bath bomb cones like I mentioned, they also do proper bath bombs for £3.50 and a whole range of gifts and homeware items like pom pom wreaths, flannel lollipops and more. They really do have some lovely bits that would make perfect gifts this Christmas and you can find more on their website! They've also been kind enough to supply my readers with a discount code too so use the code LOVE10 to get 20% any £10 orders.

What do you think to the things I've mentioned? Are you candle obsessed like me?

*Products sent for the purpose of this review. I only work with brands relevant to me and my blog

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