Wednesday 22 November 2017

The Christmas Advert Hype - Some Of My Favourites

Over the last few years the hype around Christmas adverts, especially the John Lewis one has just grown and grown. Not only is the classic Coca Cola advert one to look forward to, but now John Lewis, Marks and Spencers, Sainsburys and even Aldi compete for the best festive ad. It started a good few years ago when John Lewis released their 2011 advert centered around a little boy being impatient for Christmas because he wanted to give his parents a present, it's really lovely and still makes me a little emotional, and since then they've been bringing out a new one each year hoping to top the last. With theirs doing so well, so many other shops have started getting involved and as there are so many different ones each year I thought I'd do a blog post about them. It's something different to what I've done before but I hope you like it, and I'd love to know what your favourite Christmas advert is so far!

1. John Lewis The Snowmen (2012) 

My favourite ever Christmas ad and one that had to be at the top is The Snowmen from John Lewis which came out in 2012. I remember so clearly watching this with George at his one weekend and getting so emotional at it, it was the first proper one we watched together and I think it will always be special for that reason. I'm not great at explaining stuff so I recommend you just watch, but it's such a heartwarming advert and one I kind of miss every year!

2. Marks and Spencers Paddington Bear (2017) 

 If you've seen some of my recent posts it's probably no surprise the new Marks and Spencers advert starring Paddington is near the top of this list. I'm a big fan of Paddington and the films, so when I saw this advert, I was so, so happy. It's just very cute and one of my favourites over the last few years. I already don't know how they'll top it next year for me!

3. Marks and Spencers Mrs Claus (2016)

 It was last year I think Marks and Spencers really started to compete with John Lewis for the best Christmas ad, and I do think they won it. Last year John Lewis had the Buster the Boxer ad which I just didn't think was as good as some of their previous ones, and then M&S came out with this which was just wonderful. It was funny, it was emotional, it was just the best one of 2016 I think and I'm so glad they've come out with another great one this year.

4. Sainsburys 1914 (2014)

 Sainsburys pulled something special out of the bag with this advert in 2014. Even now it makes me cry and it just completely shows what Christmas is all about. It's called Christmas is for Sharing and it was made in conjunction with the Royal British Legion and it focuses on the famous Christmas Day football match between the British and German forces in 1914. I think this is probably one of the best ever Christmas adverts and will probably always be one of my favourites.

5. Heathrow Airport Coming Home For Christmas (2016) 

A Christmas advert for Heathrow is a bit of an odd one and not one you'd think would be included on this list but last year they brought one out and it is just adorable. As there are two bears that's kind of my reason for loving it so much but it's just a lovely little story and as you can imagine, it's another one that makes me cry, the ending just gets me!

6. John Lewis Monty The Penguin (2014) 

Back to John Lewis, and this time it's their Monty The Penguin advert, which has the nicest story of a boy and his toy penguin who wants to find love. The song included Real Love by Tom Odell is perfect and it's one that always makes me think of Christmas now whenever I hear it. I love the whole advert and it's so different to the others they have come out with.

7. John Lewis The Bear and The Hare (2013) 

Before Monty The Penguin there was the Bear and the Hare and even though it's not my favourite ever John Lewis ad, it is really nice to watch and gives me all the feels. It's another one that is just adorable, they do cute things like this so well, I don't know how they come up with so many different ideas.

8. Sainsburys (2013) 

This was before a lot of shops started properly going for it with theirs ads, and even though this one is quite simple, it's still one of my favourites and one I always remember at Christmas. It's nice to just see clips from lots of families celebrating Christmas and there are some really funny bits in. The ending though is what gets me as a man returns from the army to surprise his family and it's so heartwarming. A very emotional ending to quite a normal, basic advert but one I think I'll always remember!
There are so many other adverts I could have included but I think I picked the best so hopefully if you haven't seen them before, you enjoy them! The newest John Lewis advert came out a few weeks ago and to be honest I didn't think it was as good as others have been but I'm not sure if we all just hype it up too much now so it's easy to be disappointed when it finally arrives!

Do you look forward to the John Lewis advert every year? Are any of these your favourites too?

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