Monday 6 November 2017

My Favourite Blog Posts #2

In October 2016 I did a blog post looking back and reflecting on my blog and some of the posts I'd written. I think it's nice to go back over your blog sometimes and read some of your older posts to see how far you've come and what you've achieved and I wanted to do the same this year. Last year I chose 5 of my favourite posts that I'd written and just spoke a bit why I loved them so much and I just thought as I've blogged so much this year, I should do the same again. As I've said in lots of my other posts I'm not the biggest and best blogger and probably never will be, but I do work hard on it and it's just good to give yourself a little bit of recognition for what you've done.

Renting (My Tips, Pros & Cons & Experience) 

When I first planned this post I knew I wanted to talk about my renting blog post. I don't do many tips blog posts because I really don't know that much but as I've been renting a flat for almost exactly 3 years now, I felt like that was something I'd learnt a lot about and had some good things to pass on to others who might be hoping to move out soon. Whether you're moving out of your family home, or looking for somewhere to rent after uni, it can be such a stressful thing and so many things can go wrong. In that post I just spoke a bit about my experience with renting and the flat I'm in now, a few of my tips for dealing with estate agents and landlords, and I also went through the pros and cons of renting vs buying. Hopefully it will help a few people as I know I'd have loved to have read something like that a few years ago.

Saving Money For Christmas 

This is a really recent post but I felt so proud of it after I'd written it and it was one I couldn't wait to publish. I've published a few money saving tips posts in the past and I'm no Martin Lewis but I feel I am pretty good at budgeting and finding deals and people are always looking for ways to cut back so I think posts like that are always relevant for someone. With Christmas coming up I thought a post all about ways to save money and how to get things for free could be beneficial for people as this time of year comes around so fast and it can be difficult to afford everything in one go! I always find posts like this so useful so hopefully others do too.

A Day Trip To Leeds

 It's not often we get to go and explore new places just because it can end up costing so much money but in September we decided to explore Leeds for the day as it's not too far away from us and we had such a lovely time. I always try to blog about our days out like that and our weekends away because I love reading back on them so it felt right to do a post about Leeds. It was nice to do a little bit of shopping and treat ourselves and also just do something a bit different for a change. I already can't wait to go back at some point.

2 Nights In London (Buckingham Palace, Wicked & Christmas Shopping)

Following on from my last point, I had to document our London trip towards the end of 2016. It was the first time we had been at Christmas and I'm kind of devastated we're not going back this year! It's already on my list for next year though and reading this post back already makes me feel so excited about it. London is my happy place and it was wonderful to see it at Christmas, it looked magical and when I think back to that trip it makes me so happy. We saw our first west end show and now I've well and truly got the musical bug!

6 Things I've Learnt In 6 Years About Relationships 

George and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary this summer so I wanted to do some sort of post about it and that's when I came up with 6 Things I've Learnt In 6 Years. We've had our fair share of ups and downs so I feel like I've learnt quite a lot about men, relationships and myself and I loved writing it. I hope it's a post people can relate to, and hopefully I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by finding clothes NEXT to the laundry bin, not in it.

The Most Incredible Trip To London

 Another London post! We went for our birthdays at the end of January and again, I couldn't not mention it because it was as the title of it says, incredible and a post I will always look back on. We went to see Wicked again as it was Rachel Tuckers last show as Elphaba and I know it's something we'll both always remember because it genuinely was outstanding. I'm not sure another show will ever live up to it. London posts will forever be my favourite to write and read back and hopefully they'll be loads more to come in the future.

There are actually loads of other posts I wanted to include but I think I picked some good ones. I'm proud of all of them and reading back over them makes me smile. I think with blogging it can be so easy to get disheartened and feel you don't compare to others, I know I feel like that a lot so it's important to take a step back sometimes and look back over what you've achieved!

Do you like to read back old posts? Have you got a favourite blog post?

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