Wednesday 15 November 2017

Food & Drink Christmas Gift Guide - 2017 #2*

Yesterdays blog post was my first Food and Drink Christmas gift guide (you can find that here) and today I have the second one for you! There were just too many things I wanted to include this year so I had to split it into two posts, hopefully both will give you some ideas for gifts this year and some of the things included are brilliant for hampers if you're putting something like that together.

Meantime's Brewery Tour and Chocolate Porter Beer* 

Starting with alcohol because a lot of people like a little drink over the festive period. Meantime's Chocolate Porter and Brewery Tours could be the unique gift you're looking for. Meantime's Chocolate porter is a perfect beer to enjoy at Christmas. Brewed using four different roasted malts, there's a mocha taste that's aided by the addition of real chocolate during the maturation process. These are full of warm, complex and smooth flavours and make a very special gift for slightly more abstract beer lovers. If you're not looking for an actual present to hand over this Christmas, then why not give an experience unlike anything else? Tours are now available at the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich, London and it's known as the best brewery to visit in the city. During the tour you'll learn how Meantime beer is made, take part in a tasting of some of the beers and get to mingle with like minded beer fanatics. Find out more about their tour on the website here.

Healthy Snacks from Abakus* 

If you're going down the hamper route this year for someone then these healthy snacks from Abakus could be a great addition. You might think healthy snacks like dried fruit and nuts could be a bit of a boring thing to give but I really don't think so and they'd be perfect for any people you know who are currently trying to eat a bit better or are following a new eating plan. As much as a lot of us love to eat ALL the chocolate at Christmas, some people really don't and that's where tasty and nutritious snacks like this come in useful. Also many people like to start a new diet and exercise regime in the new year so receving some of these in a hamper that are definitely not as bad for you as crisps are chocolate, could be perfect and give them that motivation to get going! You can find more info about Abakus snacks and other gifts available on their website.

Bettys Chocolate*

  Now on the other scale of what I've just been talking about, for those who really do love their chocolate then Bettys is the place you need to go to! Bettys do just about everything, from chocolates to cakes to biscuits, even tea and coffee, and they also have their own tea rooms, you can find an array of wonderful gifts on their website. A few of my personal favourites that I think would be lovely as a stocking filler are the Moonlight Owls which are delicious milk chocolate and £4.95, the Chocolate Christmas Characters are adorable and are £6.95 and finally the Chocolate Christmas Pudding for those of us who don't like the real thing, and that's £4.95. You can tell so much time and effort has gone into these chocolates, there is so much attention to detail and they really are mouthwatering. Bettys is definitely one to consider this year for stocking fillers!

Crabtree & Evelyn* 

One brand I don't think you can go wrong with for presents is the lovely Crabtree and Evelyn. First of all, how beautiful is the packaging of both of these biscuits? I'd be pretty thrilled to unwrap something like this! Crabtree and Evelyn was founded over 40 years ago now and it's evolved from a small, family-run business which only sold fine soaps from around the world to an international company which is renowned for it's fragrances, fine foods and wonderful gifts. You can get something for just about everyone from Crabtree and Evelyn, bath and body products, mens grooming, handcare, perfume and even food. If you're looking for some foodie gifts then I highly recommend the All Butter Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Biscuits which are £7 and also the Mini Shortbread Biscuits Musical Tin which is £15. Both of these are beautiful and the biscuits just melt in the mouth! Who doesn't love a cup of tea and a few biscuits?


Something else which could be a good idea if you're making a hamper up for somebody this year, or if you just know someone who loves baking, are these jars from Opies. Opies are one of the oldest family owned food firms in the UK and I'm sure most people have heard of them. Opies do a range of products which are great for a number of occasions, from stem ginger to cocktail cherries to black cherries, and so many more. All of which are perfect for this time of year. Why not use the stem ginger to make some parkin to enjoy with custard on one of these cold nights? or how perfect would the cocktail cherries be for a new years party? Things like this are always handy to have in and as I mentioned, if you're putting together a foodie hamper for someone, then a few jars of these could be perfect! I'm looking forward to putting some recipes together with some of these so look out for those in future. You can find more about Opies on their website, and they are also available at most supermarkets.

M&S Food 

Ahhh M&S is just the best isn't it? I'm not going to lie it can be very expensive at times but around this time of year they put on a lot of offers and currently so many of their boxes of chocolates and biscuits are half price! They really are one of the best places for Christmas food I think and receiving a box of chocolates from there is always nice I think. I picked up this selection of biscuits a few weeks ago when it was on offer for £4.50 and I'm going to have to go back soon and stock up for the festive period. At the moment they have a bigger tubs than this reduced and so many wonderful boxes of chocolates for around £3 which would make lovely little presents.
So that's both of my Food and Drink gift guides done for 2017! I love getting people chocolate each year and little foodie gifts and there really are some brilliant things out for great prices at the moment!

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*Products marked with a * were sent for the purpose of this post. I only work with brands relevant to me and my blog

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