Monday 13 November 2017

Womens Christmas Gift Guide - 2017*

After a tiny little blogging break, I'm back with my first Christmas gift guide of 2017! I decided not to post on Friday as I was having such a rubbish day and it just didn't feel right. I then spent the majority of the weekend not blogging and not even thinking about it and it was actually quite enjoyable. I do love doing this but I've just been feeling a little stressed recently and needed a little break. I'm so happy to be posting my gift guides now though, I've been working on these for absolutely ages so I hope everyone enjoys them and finds them useful. I've got some incredible brands featured in them all this year and I think there are some really lovely bits out this year. I'm starting with my Womens gift guide today, tomorrow and Wednesday I'll have food and drink gift guides, Thursday will be a Mens one, Friday will be a homeware one, and then next Monday will be a skincare specific one! So plenty to choose from and lots of options!

Olverum Bath Oil* 

The first product I wanted to mention in this gift guide is a luxurious bath oil from Olverum. I love a good bath and find things like this just make it feel like such a treat and so much more relaxing. If you know someone who loves a good pamper or just deserves a night off, then this could be perfect. Olverum is a therapeutic bath oil which contains 10 pure essential oils that are carefully blended to work synergistically. Using the Olverum oil which has a beautiful lavender scent can help relieve stress and get a better nights sleep, can help with cold and flu symptoms and can also ease sore and aching muscles. It does so much for such a small bottle. You can buy online, and prices are £29 for 125ml (enough for 25 baths), £53 for 250ml (enough for 50 baths) and £19 for 3 x 15ml (enough for 9 baths).

Bloomtown Christmas Baubles*

 If you want to get something a little different this year then why not a Bloomtown Christmas Bauble? These are handcrafted, reusable, decorative baubles and they each contain a luxury Bloomtown beauty product inside. I think this would make a beautiful gift and it's nice to have the element of surprise of not knowing what's inside! You can choose to buy one geometric bauble or a set of 3, and in each one will either be a roll on infused oil, vegan lip balm or a sugar scrub, and all products are eco-friendly and cruelty free. The bauble I have had a roll on infused oil in and it is such a lovely little product, it smells absolutely gorgeous and is perfect to take out when you're on the go. What I love about Bloomtown is that you can tell real care, time and thought has gone into each product and I know anyone who receives one of these will be very happy. You can find out more about them on their website if you think this might be a good option.

Botanics Skincare* 

 I'm only going to mention these briefly as I actually have a full Botanics blog post going up in a few days so keep an eye out for that, but if you know someone who is really into their skincare then Botanics are a brand you need to consider. Botanics sell a wide range of skincare products for all different skin types ranging from face scrubs, to eye creams, to day creams and so much more. All products are really reasonably priced and are available in Boots so easy to grab while out Christmas shopping.

Hello Time Planner* 

I don't think you can ever go wrong with stationery as a gift. A girl always needs more notebooks and diaries and Illustries have brought out a Hello Time Planner which makes the perfect gift for a stationery lover. The Hello Time Planner is a stylish, debossed cloth cover planner which features a years worth of diary and monthly calendar pages, to do checklists, ideas and doodle pages and also sections for setting goals and important dates. It's a perfect planner to help you get organised in daily life, so suitable for work, uni, college etc, but is also brilliant for setting yourself long term goals and making plans to achieve them. If you're looking for something a little different to your usual stationery bits then this is the thing for you, available for £29.

Sleep Products

 You know, I would be so happy to receive products or a gift set that can help with sleep! It might seem like a bit of an odd one but Boots in particular are selling some brilliant sets at the moment for such good prices that include a variety of products to help you get a great nights sleep. The main brand I think is worth considering this year for Christmas is Feather and Down. I have a full review on some of their products which you can find here, but in short, they really are brilliant and would make lovely little gifts or be a a welcome addition to a hamper. You don't necessarily have to be struggling with sleep to enjoy products like this, they just make going to sleep so much more enjoyable and comfortable. I do think they would be great though if you know someone who maybe is going through a stressful time, suffers with insomnia or maybe is a new mum! Everyone loves a good nights sleep and these only enhance that. Gift sets are priced from £12 to £15 at Boots, and my personal favourite is the Travel one.

Cosy Nightwear

 I love getting a new pair of pyjamas each year for Christmas, it's such a nice feeling to have a hot bubble bath and to then get into some fresh PJ's, a chunky dressing gown and fluffy socks while the Christmas tree is up and festive films are on the TV. There are some really lovely nightwear bits out in a variety of shops at the moment but a few of my favourites are these Gingerbread Fluffy Socks from Debenhams which are currently on offer for £4.80, Dog Pyjama Set from Matalan which is £14 and the Woodland Print Dressing Gown from Next which is £25. It just all looks so snug and perfect for the colder nights.
There are so many other things I'd love to include in this gift guide but I think I've picked some pretty good things that most women would love. So many products that you just can't go wrong with! I think now is a pretty acceptable time to start on Christmas shopping so I hope this gift guide has given you a little inspiration! Look out tomorrow afternoon for my first Food and Drink Gift Guide!

Have you made a start of Christmas shopping yet?

*Some products sent for the purpose of this post

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