Tuesday 21 November 2017

Birchbox Unboxing and Review - November 2017

After a disappointing September and October Birchbox I was really hoping they were going to smash it with their November box and they did! I really didn't want another box full of repeated things that I'm not going to use but with the November one, every single product is exciting and I know I'm going to enjoy using them. So, if you like reading these unboxing posts then keep reading to see what I was lucky enough to receive. 
This month Birchbox teamed up with Vogue so straight away I thought it would be an exciting box. All products were beauty editor approved and picked meaning they all must be pretty good and worth trying. As always the box is beautiful, there were two designs to choose from and I love the one I decided on. The pink background with gold letters is stunning and I think out of all of the ones I've received so far it's probably my favourite. I think this would look so pretty on display somewhere in our office on a white desk. 
Anyway now onto the products. This month as always there were two products everyone gets, a mini Benefit Hoola Bronzer and a Birchbox Brush Cleaner. When both of these were revealed, I was happy which definitely makes a change to the last few months. I've read several reviews of the Benefit Hoola Bronzer before so I'm so glad I finally have one. I've tried it a few times already and I'm in love! Also the brush cleaner is a fab little product and really worth having. I actually really love cleaning my brushes but I don't do it often enough at all, so I'm hoping this will motivate me a little to get it done more. It's really easy to use, you can just add a small amount of soap to it and then swirl the wet brush over it and leave to dry. I've seen things like this quite a lot online so I'm really happy to have this.
The next three products I received were the ones I had no idea about, the Percy and Reed Volumising No Oil - Oil, Seche Vite Top Coat Nail Polish and James Read Overnight Tan Sleep Mask. I love the look of all of these and really think they were all brilliant addition to this months box, I can see why they were chosen. I've heard great things about Percy and Reed before but just have never picked any of their products up. This smoothed, sealed and sensational volumising no oil, oil not only nourishes and repairs your hair but it also uses violet extract to keep it sleek while adding volume. As my hair is quite long at the moment, it definitely lacks volume so any product that can help with that is amazing. I've received a few products like this from Birchbox so far and even though it can be annoying to get the same sorts of products, this is a brand I've wanted to try for a while so I really don't mind. The Seche Vite Top Coat is an amazing product to have, so many people have raved about this before but I never thought I'd get the chance to try it. I love using a top coat on my nails as they really do prevent chipping and make it last so much longer, though I just never buy them! So happy to have this. Lastly, even though I never ever fake tan I can't wait to try the Tan Sleep Mask. This is an overnight product so doesn't require much effort, just apply to face and let it do it's thing. It's a tanning gel so is supposed to leave your skin feeling hydrated too aswell as giving a subtle glow. I get a bit sceptical about using products like this on my face as my skin can be a little sensitive but I think I'm going to brave it soon.
Overall, I'm so impressed with the November box and I'm so glad I decided to continue. As I've only been subscribed a few months I didn't want another box that's a bit of a let down but this one really is great. I'll use every single product, and I'm sure once I have they'll be featured in some sort of blog post. At the moment my plan is to continue with my subscription until the December box and then I'll have a re-think after Christmas, hopefully the next box will just as good! If you've been thinking of subscribing, I definitely recommend doing it now while you can still get this box! Some of the other products you have a chance of getting look just as good as these, I have a referal link here which gets you £5 off your first box!

What did you think to this months Birchbox?

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