Friday 24 November 2017

A Few Beauty & Skincare Bits I'm Loving At The Moment

I seem to have spoken about beauty a lot on my blog recently as I've been trying out some really brilliant products out and I love sharing them with other people! As there are a few things I've been going back to over and over, the last few months, I thought I'd put them together in a little roundup post.

DHC Cleansing Oil 

You're probably getting sick of me talking about this product as I have mentioned it a few times now on my blog but it is one of the best products I've tried this year and it deserves the recognition! I've been using this Oil each night to either remove makeup or to just cleanse and I can't even put into words how soft my skin feels afterwards. It's brilliant for removing makeup, it just dissolves it all and it's so easy to wash off, and then I'm left with the most incredible feeling skin. It's not greasy in anyway and it's not caused me any breakouts which is fab because that's the reason I always avoided products like this. I do have a full review of this if you want to know more, but in short, it's a product I don't think I can live without now.

Palmolive Chocolate Shower Cream

 I'm always buying shower gels, it's actually a problem sometimes, but if I see one I like the look of and it's either on offer or not too expensive, then I'm gonna pick it up. I'd had my eye on this one from Palmolive for a good while actually and it wasn't until I just spotted in Morrisons last month for £1 that I finally picked it up. I was drawn to it because of it's strong chocolate scent (it's literally like chocolate milkshake) but now I've used it, I can say it makes my skin feel so smooth and soft afterwards. It's a little different to usual shower products as it's a cream rather than gel so it's got a really rich, velvety formula but it's just as good, and the scent really is amazing. They do a few other scents too including mint which smells just like mint choc chip ice cream, and strawberry which is just like strawberry milkshake. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this concealer! I picked it up when I was getting another bottle of my favourite Rimmel foundation, and as it was quite new and I'd heard good things about it, I decided to give it a go. It's the Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer and I was really intrigued to see how it would compare to some other concealers I've tried recently, but I'm just not sure! I'll start with the positives, I think it's brilliant for under the eyes. A lot of the time when I apply concealer under my eyes, I can't really tell the difference but with this I can, I just feel like it really makes my eyes light up a little bit and it's also great for adding a little bit under the eyebrow as a bit of a highlight. The negative though is that I just don't find it covers spots very well and that's kind of the main reason I use concealer! My skin has been so up and down recently so when it's bad obviously I want to cover any spots up as well as I can but I find with this it just doesn't do much for them. The only concealer I've found that works really well for that is my Maybelline Fit Me one so I think I'm just going to have to go for it and repurchase that. This concealer probably won't be one I buy again but for now I'm enjoying using it just for under my eyes.

Superdrug Beauty Sponge 

This is one of those products which I first tried, absolutely loved and then eventually just sort of forgot about and I'm not sure why! I decided to use it again a few weeks ago and now I have no idea why I ever stopped, because it is brilliant. I like to use it to apply my foundation and any concealer under my eyes and it just works so well. It's so easy to use, blends in foundation really well and gives such a flawless finish to my skin. There are no streaks or anything which you can get with makeup brushes sometimes, and I find my makeup seems to last much longer aswell. I personally think the Superdrug Sponge is much better than the Real Techniques blending sponge, and I'll definitely be picking another one up soon. If you want more info about it, I have a full review up on my blog.

Botanics Micellar Water 

This is another product I feel I've mentioned quite a lot on my blog and social media, but I just love it! The only micellar water I ever used before this was the Garnier one (review here) which I do still absolutely love but when I was sent a few Botanics products to feature in a gift guide, this was the first one I tried and it's now such a favourite of mine. If I don't use the oil which I mentioned earlier in this post, then I use this and it's just so quick and easy to use. It removes makeup so well and is easily just as good as the Garnier one. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry in anyway or anything, it's brilliant. I'm such a fan of Botanics skincare at the moment so definitely give them a try if you get chance. This particular micellar water is currently on offer for £4.66 instead of £6.99 at Boots.
I'm always on the Superdrug and Boots websites looking for new things to try but over the last few months these have all been my go to products so I just thought they deserved a mention in a blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Have you tried any of these products?

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