Wednesday 29 November 2017

A Mini Weekend Away In London - Winter Wonderland, Christmas Shopping & Lots Of Food

I'm currently sat writing this wrapped under a warm blanket, aching all over and feeling a little sad that our little trip away to London is already over. I hadn't spoken about us going back to London on my blog, in fact just a few weeks ago in this post I mentioned that we had no plans to go back for Christmas this year and we really didn't! That was until we knew George had to go one day for work and it required stopping over night, so we thought why not make a weekend out of it? It was all a bit last minute but so exciting. Just to be clear, I'm more than capable of being by myself at home, I just wasn't going to turn down an opportunity to go back to my favourite place! We travelled early Sunday morning so we had the full day and night to do what we wanted, then on Monday as George was working, I had a lot of the day to myself to shop and explore, and it was perfect. So if you want to know what we saw, what we did, and most importantly, what we ate, then keep reading!
Once we were checked in we headed straight to Piccadilly Circus so we could pop to Whole Foods. We can't have a trip to London and not make a visit. They stock Crosstown Doughnuts which are literally the best ever and we always get a few. This time we had the Chocolate Truffle one and a Glazed Vanilla one, both were dreamy. We then got on the tube to the Southbank which was a little odd actually as we usually stay right next to the London Eye, but we were in a different hotel this time. We had a lovely walk along the Southbank and there were so many festive stalls along it, they do such a good Christmas Market around this time of year and all of the food looked amazing. After that we headed for Winter Wonderland which was the main thing we wanted to do this trip.
We had planned on going last year but just didn't have time so it was a real priority this time. It was of course busy as you'd imagine but so worth going to. I think in the end we had walked around Hyde Park twice as it was just so big and there was so much to see, I was in so much pain with my feet afterwards, but I'd do it again tomorrow if I could. It's really expensive and most games and rides are at least £5 but you've got to have a go on a few haven't you? I actually won a cute gingerbread teddy from a hook an olaf game (doesn't that sound creepy?) which I'm sure will look nice somewhere in the flat once we decorate for Christmas. The main food we wanted to try, which we'd seen on Instagram a few days before was HALLOUMI FRIES. I'm just a bit addicted to cheese, especially halloumi so these were a must. I can't even explain how good they were. They were covered in a honey glaze, peppers, mustard, mint and something else too and everything about it was incredible. Everything about Winter Wonderland was great and I'd love to visit again next year. It was all so pretty, and there was still so much to see and do when we left so if you're planning a visit, prepare to spend a good few hours there! We then had a Domino's at the hotel, as they don't deliver to our flat at home and it's kind of tradition while we're in London to get one. I miss it already.
The next day I had a chilled few hours in the hotel getting ready while George headed to work, and then we met up about 11 at The Breakfast Club at Canary Wharf. I'd never been before but I'd heard good things and they really didn't disappoint. I went for the Banoffee Pancakes which had cream, chocolate sauce, toffee sauce, banana and maple syrup, and George had the Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup. I think in the end I only had just over half as it was an absolute mountain and I seriously struggled but god it was good.
After that I then headed off by myself to do some Christmas shopping and I had such a chilled afternoon. I was thinking to myself that morning on the way to meet George how I had literally no anxious thoughts at all and how comfortable I felt, and it's such a huge difference to how I feel at home. Whenever I'm out here I'm always a little on edge and generally I feel some sort of anxiety every single time whereas there, nobody knows me, I can go wherever and feel comfortable and it was just incredible to have that feeling. Just walking around going wherever I liked, and feeling GOOD. I took myself to Borough Market first because again, a trip to London isn't complete without that. I finally picked up one of the nut brownies from Bread Ahead which I didn't get last time and instantly regretted! It was worth every penny. I also picked up a few other bits then went to Covent Garden. It is just the most beautiful sight at Christmas. Look at this silver reindeer! There are decorations everywhere and it made me feel so festive. I didn't get much from Covent Garden but it was still lovely, and I'd planned on getting a few things from Oxford Street anyway which was where I finally ended up.
I ended up meeting George on Oxford Street and we had the final few hours in London together which was really nice. I had a few vouchers to use which is always exciting so I headed to Boots to stock up on some makeup. I've just come to the end of my contour kit so I picked another one of those up, my current blusher is broken so that needed replacing and then I picked up my trusty Maybelline concealer. I then spotted this L'oreal Multi Masking Kit which I absolutely can't wait to use! I've been seeing these face masks everywhere but before I invest in a proper pot of one of them, I thought I'd give this a go and it was on offer which is a bonus. I then picked up a few Xmas presents and stocking bits but apart from that I didn't get much else, though that just means I have more leftover to spend now ;) After walking down the majority of Oxford Street and having a little browse in Selfridges we then decided to head for the train station. We didn't get the train home til about 8 so we were home quite late and so shattered, but it really was a lovely, little break.
I am so incredibly happy we got to go back because we really didn't plan on it, after already going two times this year, and I'd kind of come to terms with that! It might have only been short but it was sweet and for the first time I actually don't feel too sad about now being back, but more happy that we went. Of course as I said at the start I am a little sad and I'm sure as time goes on I'll miss it more and more, but right now I'm just so pleased we went and it really has made these last few months of the year! Also, I saw a few dogs and even got to stroke one at Winter Wonderland so you know, that kind of made it the trip of the year to be honest 😂

If you've got to the end of this post, I hope you enjoyed it because I know it's very long and I've probably just rambled as I always do. I just love writing about our little trips away like this one. 

Have you ever been to London at Christmas? Are you planning on visiting Winter Wonderland?

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