Friday 3 November 2017

Urban Veda Skincare Review*

After not really investing in my skincare and having a proper routine for such a long time, over the last few months I've changed things up and finally got round to finding out what works for me. I started with my DHC Cleansing Oil which has been brilliant for removing makeup and then I added the Indeed Labs products which have been great for reducing pores and making my skin just look much more smooth and even. The latest products I've been trying out are from Urban Veda and they've been a very welcome addition to my skincare routine.
Urban Veda are a skincare brand who are trying to protect our skin with their products from all of the environmental factors we have to deal wtih each day. From excessive central heating to dust, to dirt and even stress, all of these things have a negative impact on our skin and can do some real damage over time, so it's important we look after it and do what we can to protect it. The Urban Veda skincare ranges have been formulated using natural ingredients such as herbs, flowers, fruits and multi vitamins and they all help to maintain your skin's natural balance by infusing it with Omega rich bio oils, antioxidants and vitality boosting fatty acids.
I was sent 3 products to try from the Kapha range which are supposed to be good for mattifying and treating oil and acne prone skin. As I suffer quite badly with spots sometimes, these seemed perfect for me.

The first product I started with was the Exfoliating Facial Polish. I love an exfoliating skincare product, I always find them so enjoyable to use and as it's a scrub I feel I can really cleanse my skin and wash away any bacteria or makeup. This contains natural pumice and ground walnut shell to gently exfoliate your skin and I've found it so refreshing. I think that's because it's enriched with ingredients like witch hazel and tea tree and the scent of those really comes through. I've just been applying this to my face when wet and massaging then rinsing, it takes no time at all but has made a difference. It's been great for removing any impurities and blackheads, which I do have quite a few of and I can tell that it's been removing dead skin cells and leaving my skin in a much better condition. My skin really has improved recently and these have only enhaced that. This scrub has left my skin feeling so soft and fresh afterwards and it's one I'm really looking forward to picking up in full size in the future.

The next product I've been trying is the Facial Wash which is used in the same way as the polish, by applying to a wet face and massaging in. This is supposed to be a brilliant antibacterial and antiseptic product to help treat blackheads aswell as reducing breakouts. As I've just mentioned, I do have blackheads and I tend to break out for a few weeks each month so products that can prevent and reduce that are amazing! This combined with the polish scrub has made my skin feel extremely soft and smooth to touch and as I've noticed a little difference in the general condition of my skin, it's left me feeling much more confident and content with it.
Lastly, I had the Day Cream to try. This is to be used on the face, neck and chest each day after cleansing and toning and can be massaged in like the other products. What I really like about this day cream is that it's really lightweight and doesn't just linger on my skin if that makes sense. I don't tend to reach for day and night creams as in the past I've been able to feel them on my skin afterwards and I hate that, I just want something that will soak into the skin and feel comfortable and this does. Aswell as this it's also really hydrating and that's because the vegetable moisturiser glycerine and and Ayurvedic anti-ageing arjuna work together to lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

Overall, I've loved adding these few bits into my skincare routine and along with the other products I've been using, I do feel they've made a difference and generally my skin looks and feels much smoother. I wouldn't say there has been a dramatic improvement in my spots but as I've been stressed I've just had so many hormonal ones which just can't be stopped by anything! I do feel any blackheads I have, have been reduced though and I certainly think these products are great for that, aswell as keeping your skin hydrated and refreshed. The set I was sent was the Treat Size Set which is £12.99 and brilliant if you're wanting to give these products a try but don't want to spend loads. Not only are these a great size if you're just starting out with Urban Veda, but they are also great to set aside for travelling. They take up very little room so can easily be taken with you on holidays or weekends away.
If you're looking for a new skincare brand to try, I definitely recommend you have a look at Urban Veda and the ranges available. They cater for lots of skin types and you can take a quiz on their website to see exactly which products are best for you!

Have you tried anything from Urban Veda before? What's your go to skincare product?

*Products sent for the purpose of this review. I only work with brands relevant to me and my blog

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