Tuesday 20 November 2018

Mens Christmas Gift Guide - 2018*

Following on from yesterdays Women's Christmas Gift Guide, today I have one for the men in our life. Men tend to be extremely hard to buy for, I struggle every single year and not only at Christmas, but for birthdays and anniversaries too, I just never know where to start! I've spotted some brilliant products this year though so hopefully this is going to help you out a little if you're at a loss with what to buy.
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Dobell Travel Shoe Care Kit* - Dobell are a great choice for any upcoming events. They sell a range of affordable wedding suits, tuxedos, accessories, gifts, outerwear and more that won't break the bank yet still look stylish and high end. I actually reviewed a pair of wedding shoes for George last year and they have been so impressive, lasting incredibly well. One thing that stood out to me this year for Christmas was their Travel Shoe Care Kit. It's £24.99 and it contains brushes, shoe polish, a cloth and more, meaning it has you covered for any shoe care needs whilst away. It all comes in a luxurious faux leather case which looks far more expensive than it is and it's a perfect size to fit into your suitcase so it really can be used at home or on the go. If you know someone who is away often with work or is travelling from one place to another, a set like this which is practical yet thoughtful is a brilliant idea.
Dobell Shoe Care Kit in case
Dobell Shoe Care Kit
Next 6 Scent Gift Set - I really don't think you can go wrong with a decent bottle of aftershave at Christmas time. The issue with that though is how expensive most of them are! Because of that I've been trying to find more affordable options this year and I loved the look of the 6 Scent Gift Set from Next for £20. If you're not sure exactly what sort of fragrance they normally go for then something like this is such a good idea which gives them a few different options to try. I've always been a fan of the aftershaves and perfumes available at Next, they are just so affordable and often are just as good as more expensive brands. This contains some of their best selling aftershaves including Signature, Code Red, No 85, Ice White, Edition and Signature Blue.

Men's Society Handsome Beard Set - Whilst Men's Society gift sets aren't the cheapest around, the quality is incredible. I reviewed one of their travel sets a few months ago and I was really impressed but the one that I like the look of this Christmas is the Handsome Beard Set which is currently £25 at Next. If you know someone who is really into their skincare, they have a variety of kits to choose from all containing high end products and this one is no exception. Any bearded man would be happy with this, it contains their superb beard oil to soften facial hair and natural moustache wax ideal for styling aswell as a stainless steel comb and scissors. I've also found a much more affordable version though available from Matalan for £6 which is a total bargain!
Men's Society Beard Kit
Retro Handheld Games Console* - For the big kid in your family, this Retro Handheld Games Console from Find Me A Gift is perfect! This little gadget holds 150 games, all in a retro 8-bit gaming style and it even has that classic music you might remember! I think this is such a quirky gift for this Christmas, it's totally unlike anything else I've mentioned in this gift guide. How could anybody be disappointed? It's something fun rather than going down the practical route and it can keep you occupied for hours! I love the bright colour of the console, it really does look like something I personally used to have when I was younger so it doesn't just have to be for men and the wide range of games to play is excellent. This cool gadget is currently on offer for £12.99.
Retro Handheld Games Console
Retro Handheld Games Console
100 Movie Scratch Off Poster - As soon as I saw this on Prezzybox, I had to include it in this post. For any film fanatics you know, this is absolutely brilliant! This stylish poster lists 100 of the best action-packed, funny and tear-jerking movies allowing the recipient to scratch off each one they've seen. A few included are Saving Private Ryan, Trainspotting, The Silence Of The Lambs, Mean Girls, Dirty Dancing and Jurassic Park. This is such a fun idea for film buffs, it helps you keep track of the films you've seen and gives you ideas for any you might not have got round to yet. We love a movie night in our home so I think something like this would only encourage that even more! I've seen scratch off maps before for travel but nothing like this - genius! It's currently £11.99.
100 Movies Scratch Off Poster
Paperchase Man List Book - I have a problem with buying notebooks, I have far too many but because I love them so much for some reason it also means I tend to get them for other people too. This year I've spotted the Man List Book from Paperchase and for £8 I think it's a great choice. It's not like a normal notebook as each page has a prompt for you to make a list of. Just a few are favourite beers, favourite crisps, the best gigs, hobbies you want to try, favourite movie quotes. I think it's so cool! Sometimes just 10 minutes doing something like this is such a good way to chill out and get away from the stress of everyday life.

Slip Of The Tongue Card Game - I love evenings where we sit down to play a few different games, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly and Pictionary are just a few we like, and M&S have released some great little sets this year. You'll find games like The Chase, 5 Gold Rings, Family Fortunes but the main one that caught my eye though was Slip Of The Tongue. The aim of the game is to describe what's on the cards without saying the banned words, and it's only £4! This is fab for playing over Christmas with family and it can easily be brought out for parties, BBQ's and more in the future.

Hopefully if you struggle as much as me when it comes to gifts at Christmas, this guide has been helpful! Look out tomorrow for my final gift guide this year, all about food and drink!

*Products marked with a * are PR samples. Affiliate links used in this post

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